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This is such an honor to be invited to write about my make-up routine – and entirely terrifying. While I have written product reviews before, I’ve never actually timed myself with a timer or written down all the steps that go into what I wear on my face. So here goes.

I am Natasha, an administrative assistant during the week and a henna artist/facepainter on the week-ends. I never seem to have enough time, and I definitely do not have time to fuss with my make-up when I’ve got to be out the door with all my gear for a day of facepainting and henna art at a local outdoor shopping plaza.

Did I mention that I give myself a half hour… to shower, get dressed, do my hair and make-up. It’s not much time, but I’ve found that if you’re prepared and start with a plan, then 15 minutes is ample for even a pretty holiday look.

And now the make-up:

Although I still use a moisturizer and sunscreen as my first steps, I have fallen head over heels for Korean BB creams. I’ve tried a few (plus a few US brands as well) and the one I’m loving right now is Skin79’s Diamond Collection The Presige BB Cream; it’s got SPF, diamond powder and is supposed to improve wrinkles. The BB Cream is a primer, light foundation, soft-focus product with added sunscreen. I just love how a few dabs lasts all day and it really makes my skin look more even and radiant. Perhaps a bit too radiant, because I have to tone it down a bit with a quick dusting of Neutrogena’s Shine Control Powder.

After I put on my base, I apply the eyeshadow primer. I used to think that primer was an unnecessary step, but it really does make eyeshadows last all day — even when working outdoors. I like elf’s eyelid primer. It’s cheap, but it works like a champ.

And while the eyeshadow primer is setting I get my flat top blender brush and apply a bit of Maybelline’s Dream Bouncey Blush in Rose Petal (which looks like a very pretty, slightly shimmery peach to me)

After that, I use the little MAC eyebrow brush to darken my brows with the browner shade of the Prestige brow duo. I do a quick line along the bottom of the brow line and then brush upwards in quick short strokes.

Then I take the elf glitter eyeshadow in Nice and apply it with a fat eyeshadow brush from Sephora. The shadow was part of a set I found at Target: 2 glitter shadows and the primer for $3. The shadow is nicely pigmented and while the glitter is a little messy, I can’t blame that on being a low-end product. Glitter is messy, no matter what.

After the shadow is in place, I take my chisel brush — yes, it’s a facepaint brush, but it’s the perfect brush for contouring; I’ve seen brushes in Sephora of a similar shape, but I already had one. I lightly pick up some matte dark brown from the Urban Decay Smoked Palette called Backdoor and draw a line in the crease. Then I use the side of the brush to widen the line and soften it a bit. I line the upper lashes with Nars Larger than Live Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Appia, a lovely bronzy color. The I take the size 0 WolfeFX (another facepaint brush, but any watercolor paintbrush in size 0 would work as well) and pick up some Barlust from the Urban Decay Palette and go over the pencil liner — just to give it more oomph. Using MAC 217, and fluff a little bit of the pale peach, Kinky, under the browbone and over the crease. Then tightline the lower lashline with the Prestige Waterproof eyeliner in #10 Star. After that, I line the lower lashes with the Nars liner, and repeat tightlining. I find doing 2 coats on the waterline really makes a difference in how long it stays. If I have a lot of time, I’ll even set the waterline color with a powder liner, but not today since I’m on the clock and it’s already 11 minutes and ticking.

After the eyeshadow and lining is done, I squeeze a smidge of the ConcealFX onto the back of my hand and use the tiny concealer brush to dab along the darkest part of the shadows — the triangle part on the inner corner of the eye and a very small triangle at the outer corner of the eye. Then I swirl my Sephora airbrush concealer brush in a little powder foundation (today it’s a sample of Jane Iredale in Ivory) and swirl it all around the eye socket and up to the brow’s edge. It just smoothes out any edges and sets the concealer.

1 minute left. I quickly apply the CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara in black, and since I have a few seconds left, I add another layer of mascara with a sample of Buxom Amplified Mascara.

A quick swipe of Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita and done! Right as the buzzer on my timer went off! Fifteen minutes to the second!

With the exception of the lip color, my make-up performed beautifully and lasted all day through several Spidermen, princess crowns, a green monster, a few delicate henna floral designs, and glitter rainbow hearts. I return home covered in paint and glitter, but my eyeshadow is intact and my complexion still glowing.

Natasha Monahan Papousek is a freelance henna artist and facepainter near San Diego, CA. She also shares her skincare and make-up adventures in her blog: Confessions of A Skincare Junkie



  1. December 13, 2012 / 7:53 pm

    CoverGirl 24 hour is THE best mascara I've ever used, I'm glad to see someone else uses it too!
    I'm going to try that BB cream, it looks like it's right up my alley! 🙂

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