The Normal Hair Growth Cycle

I have a few posts coming up that deal with the normal hair growth cycle, and I really need to have something to refer to. So, here it is, a looooong overdue post that just shows the normal hair cycle. At any given time, each hair follicle is in a different part of the normal cycle of hair growth. Each follicle will cycle through these phases, though they can become “stuck” in a given phase…

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What Hair Damage is and How to Prevent It

There are lots of ways that we damage our hair every day. Nearly anything that you do to style your hair can cause damage, and the key is finding the right balance to keep your hair looking healthy. Things we all do every day: • Shampooing • Blowdrying • Brushing and back-combing • Curling or flat-ironing • Exposing hair to humidity • Altering structure or color of the hair through perms and coloring/bleaching • Poor…

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The Hair Structure and Function

Within your dermis, there’s a very cool structure called the hair follicle which projects through your dermis and epidermis and creates your hair. The average human has 100,000 follicles on their head! The follicle has many different components, all of which have their own function. Dermal Papilla- This area is full of connective tissue and has a blood supply, but cell division does not take place here. Matrix- Around the papilla there is the matrix,…

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