BB and CC Cream Guide: Everything to Know and Reviews of the Best

Have you wondered exactly what BB and CC Creams are and how to use them? What is the difference between them, do they take the place of your foundation and what about a primer? There are a lot of BB and CC creams out there, here I’m sharing the differences between them, some great tips and reviews of my favorites!

BB and CC Cream Reviews and Tips

BB Creams

Everything started with BB Creams (Beauty Balms) when they made their way from Asia to the US a few years ago. Basically, they are souped up tinted moisturizers. They should have some coverage, typically more than a traditional tinted moisturizer, but less than a foundation. There should be some anti-aging ingredients, often brightening ingredients to fight hyperpigmentation and usually they have sunscreen.

Because they came from Asia, initially there was a pretty limited shade selection and you’ll still find that to be the case for products that haven’t been updated recently. Usually those initial shades were a bit… grey? I believe this was meant to be a bit of a color correction for under foundations, but newer formulations are more skin toned.

So, a more pigmented version of a tinted moisturizer, but with added benefits.

CC Creams

CC Creams (Color Correcting) are largely the same as BB Creams, but with ingredients to help treat any causes of discoloration such as redness or sallow skin. The coverage is usually a bit lighter than with a BB Cream.

Note that each brand does their own thing with BB and CC creams. The differences vary by brand and they’re not consistent sometimes even within brands. Just think of them as moisturizers with a lot of active ingredients and variable amounts of coverage.

How to Use BB/CC Creams

I think they’re mostly meant to be used in the place of a daily moisturizer. I use mine immediately after washing my face, and depending on the day I may or may not put a little foundation on over it. Honestly, it depends on what I’m doing and how I think my rosacea looks at that time. About 90% of the time my daily BB Cream has enough coverage for me with just a bit of added concealer.

If you want to use a primer with your BB and CC Cream, I’ve had good luck with putting it under my BB Cream, but the key is waiting about 90 seconds between layers of well blended (or rubbed in) product. You need to play with it a bit, try layering it under or over the BB Cream, and applying with your fingers or patting with a Beauty Blender.

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