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Currently Loving: Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture Perfect CC Cream and Translucent Powder

Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture Perfect CC Cream and Translucent Powder

Recently, Cargo sent me a few of their HD products. I honestly have not even had a chance to take pictures of most of it, which I usually try to do before I allow myself to start using a product. But, I admit that I pretty much tore open two of the boxes and started using the products immediately and have been using them about every other day since then. (Ok, the powder every day, the CC cream every other, I’ll share my alternating day choice with you tomorrow!)

Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture Perfect CC Cream and Translucent Powder

The CC Cream (shown here in medium) is one of those lotions that comes out looking like a vanilla bean ice cream. It’s white with little specs in it, which I have to say never really inspires much confidence. Especially when you have pretty fair skin and your tube says “medium”…. Somehow the technology really does work, and when you start smearing it around the cream really does adjust to your skin tone. That medium vanilla bean ice cream lotion becomes my perfect color. It’s pretty amazing!

The CC cream is a lightweight lotion, and when I smear it around it seems to sink in pretty quickly to my skin, leaving behind a light to medium coverage that looks very natural and does a good job of correcting any redness I might have that day (I have mild rosacea and am out of my meds… oops! So yes, I’m a little red. And need to get a refill.) It can be very slightly built up for more coverage, though more than 2 layers of the CC Cream doesn’t really do much. I tend to apply right after washing my face, just smearing it around. A minute or two later I’ll hit it with my Beauty Blender sponge a few times to blend it a little, and I might add a little bit more in the center of my face on to problem areas. After that I’ll use concealer on any additional spots.

The Picture Perfect Translucent Powder is a good companion product for the CC cream. The top has a netting over the powder, which keeps most of it contained while it is easily accessible using just a brush. The inside of the lid does project down to cover the netting, so when you close the powder it won’t spill all over the place. The powder itself is very fine and does a good job of soaking up any shine in my t-zone, which I love. I’ve been using it every day and love it! You can’t see it on my face at all, which eliminates one of my pet peeves (who likes to look powdery? I don’t!)

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  1. 9.4.13

    This look amazing! Great post!

    xx- missmacbeauty.blogspot.com

  2. 9.5.13
    Julie said:

    Great review! This seems like a great product to try out. I'll def check on this one for I am curious on how it blends with the skin.

  3. 10.1.13

    i just bought the cc cream and i use it every other day as well but it is so lightweight and perfect. I'm so glad someone is ranting about this product they are amazing.