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Lorac Pro Palette Tutorial: Day to Night Eye Shadow Looks

Lorac Pro Palette Review and Swatches

I had been lusting after the Lorac Pro Palette for a long time before I finally got it. You can buy this palette at ULTA, Nordstrom or Amazon, also check out my Lorac PRO Palette Review & Swatches post. Today I’m sharing 2 different Lorac Pro Palette tutorials, one for day and one for night!

Easy Day Eye Look Tutorial with Lorac Pro Palette
Lorac Pro Palette Tutorial Day Look

For my first look, I kept things very simple. I was planning on spending the day doing not much of anything special at home, especially since I was on-call the night before and didn’t get much sleep!

I prepped my lid using the eye shadow primer that came with the palette. Note that while it is a light nude color, it doesn’t really offer any coverage, so if I’m not going to be doing a darker shadow look, I often will start with concealer all over my lid to cover up blood vessels (I did that this day), and then I used the shadow primer.

Next I used a fairly large brush to use the matte Light Pink over my entire lid in a wash. I went a little over my crease and blended it out from there. Next I used a crease brush to apply Taupe into my crease. I blended this out as well. I finished with a pretty decent application of black liner to my upper and lower lash lines, really working the liner into the base of the lashes. I finished up with Too Faced Better than False Lashes mascara.

Easy transition to a night time shadow look with the Lorac Pro eye shadow palette
Night Eye Look Tutorial with Lorac Pro Palette

After doing some things around the house for a few hours, I was a super lucky girl, and got to have a date with my husband, something which rarely happens in our toddler-centric household. (Ok, yes, it was lunch out at Panera. But! We were adults sans children!)

I opted for a golden smoky eye look, just something a bit more intense and with a lot of eye liner, which is something my hubby likes. I put this on directly over the day look above.

I started with Light Bronze on the inner half of my eye lid, and then added Gold to the outer half. I blended the two together in the center, and they did go up and over my crease. I still had Taupe in my crease, but it wasn’t enough contrast now that the lid was a bit darker. I put a little Garnet into my crease and then smudged this under the out half of my lower lash line as well. I finished up with a little more black liner on both lash lines.

You can buy this palette at ULTA, Nordstrom or Amazon

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  1. 6.14.13
    Beth said:

    I own this palette, but it's been sitting in a drawer. I'll have to get it out and play with it again!

  2. 6.14.13
    Tawny said:

    I own this palette, and it's my go to look almost everyday!

  3. 6.14.13

    I need to get this and I love your drawings!!

  4. 6.14.13

    I'm dying to try the liquid pencil liner! Wish I could afford the palette!

  5. 6.14.13

    I would love this palette! Your day look is so simple and beautiful. Ulta is the best!

  6. 6.14.13

    I think I need that palette… Looks like you can do a whole lot with it. I'd love a Sephora gift card – wish there was an ULTA near me, weird how we don't have one in NYC!

  7. 6.14.13
    Barb H said:

    I love your blog. The palette has some great colors.

  8. 6.14.13
    Melody said:

    SO tempted by that palette!

  9. 6.14.13
    J. Branda said:

    I love the second look especially but they are all simple and lovely

  10. 6.14.13
    Anonymous said:

    Love that the looks you come up with are not too time consuming, thanks! šŸ™‚

  11. 6.14.13
    Stacy L said:

    I love shopping at sephora. I really like the second look you did. Even though that was a "night" look for you, that sort of look is what I wear pretty much every day.

  12. 6.14.13
    Anonymous said:

    Would love the sephora gift card! My favorite place

  13. 6.14.13

    I love both eye looks! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  14. 6.14.13

    So pretty!

  15. 6.14.13

    I love both looks and adore how many option you have with that palette! Also in awe of your pencil lining skills. wish mine were better. I prefer liquid because I'm an old woman with crepe-y lids. LOL

  16. 6.14.13
    Shannon said:

    I really like this palette.

  17. 6.14.13
    Phyrra said:

    This is so pretty on you!

  18. 6.14.13
    Retrodiva said:

    That palette looks like it can create some awesome smoky eyes! Love it!

  19. 6.14.13
    Aprill said:

    Geez that's a pretty palette. If I didnt have so many I would go get that one!

  20. 6.14.13
    Julia said:

    I really like that palette! But I've got enough right now that I can't justify myself getting another one.

  21. 6.14.13
    Francesca said:

    Great giveaway and great palette! Seems like it would be comparable to the naked palette?

  22. 6.15.13
    Anonymous said:

    Only have 1 Lorac item, would love to have more!

  23. 6.15.13
    Sherry said:

    Primefri! Code obtained. Hope I win!

  24. 6.15.13

    You beat me to the punch on the Lorac for the challenge but I bought it anyway! It's such a great palette. Your looks are perfect for this.

  25. 6.15.13

    I would use this code: BENEFITFAN
    to get a free Benefit makeup kit with purchase. Love this palette and I'd love to own it!!!

  26. 6.15.13
    Anonymous said:

    I like this palette i dont have it but would like to .i like the second look you did.You are a lucky girl!

  27. 6.15.13

    I've read so much about this palatte, I'd absolutely love to buy it for myself!

  28. 6.15.13

    I would use coupon code BENEFITFAN

  29. 6.15.13
    Wendy A. said:

    WOW never realized the L'oreal liner was so pigmented!
    Great Look.

  30. 6.16.13
    Jai Nash said:

    i love the looks i really want the pallete

  31. 6.16.13

    I would use the code for free shipping of $50 or more! I can't seem to find the code for it but I know it's there

  32. 6.16.13
    Tracy said:

    I would use free shipping/over50$…

  33. 6.16.13
    Erica said:

    I need this palette! Great looks by the way šŸ™‚

  34. 6.17.13
    Kathleen said:

    I LOVE the gold/light bronze smoky eye! I've been dying to experiment with lighter, more metallic smoky eyes this summer (having already had a ton of fun with colorful eyeliner!), so a palette like this or some of the MUFE waterproof cream sticks would be perfect!

  35. 6.17.13

    I finally got this palette recently on my birthday & I couldn't believe how long I was missing out on this. This palette is a must-have!!!!

  36. 6.18.13
    Megan said:

    This looks like a great palette! I've loved everything I've tried from Lorac so far!

  37. 6.19.13

    I would use code: BENEFITFAN at Sephora.com

  38. 6.19.13

    I would use code: BENEFITFAN at Sephora.com

  39. 6.19.13
    Ariel said:

    I would use the drugstore.com coupon code for free shipping over $50.