Easy Beachy Waves: A Tutorial

I have been really obsessed with Pinterest lately! I've found some of the beauty tutorials linked on there to be very inspiring. More from a photoshop perspective than anything actually. (I'm a bit shocked by how many people link eye tutorials that start with mascara and end with shadow. Do people really do that??)

So, today I played around with Photoshop. A lot. Here's the result!

how to get beachy waves


  1. Looks amazing! How long did this take you? I have thick hair like you do and I always find these things take for-e-ver on my hair. And then the curls promptly fall out. Did this last all day?

  2. It took about 15 minutes and I have very long, crazy thick hair and I took pics! I held the under layers for only about 10 seconds and discovered later that I had missed a spot (oops!) that only showed up in some photos. :( The waves lasted all day, though they were a bit flatter (and prettier) later in the day. They were still there when I woke up this morning (I did this yesterday), and I was soooo close to just leaving them in because they would have been great 2nd day hair, but I had some body wash I really wanted to try, so I showered. You know how it goes... the allure of an amazing mango body wash! LOL

  3. Haha. I have actually been known to apply mascara before shadow but only because I looked naked without shadow. I always end up getting some on my lashes and looking ridiculous.

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