New Mommy Beauty: Your Hair Issues ARE Different!

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Today we get more info on the special issues of post-partum hair from Daniel Keane, Educator and Platform Artist for IT&LY HAIRFASHION. It turns out there’s a reason for the bady hair days!

For new mothers there is a completely different set of issues. There is often a great deal of hair lost in the first 6 months after giving birth. Mom’s body is trying to return to normal after the prenatal vitamins and if she is nursing a great deal of her body’s energy is going to producing nutrition for her child. Hair and nails seem to suffer in this time and this is a great time to get deep conditioning treatments. The hair loss is temporary and once her body returns to normal function the hair typically does as well.

Another issue for moms is finding time to deal with their hair on a regular basis including daily styling. Often this is a time when having enough hair to just pull back is the case, however, we often hear moms lament that they just don’t feel attractive at this point. Many times, once the baby begins to grab and pull their hair, we get requests for shorter, easy to style haircuts. This can be an exciting time for mom and stylist to create something new and sexy with a cut and color. If mom opts to keep her length we try to teach her how to use accessories to create more finished looks with her longer hair.

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