The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Dr. Ruthie Harper

Dr Ruthie Harper's favorite productsI am a beauty fanatic. I care about ingredients…ingredients that are not only clinically effective and can transform a woman’s skin, but ingredients that are good for the persons overall health. That means things like parabens, colorants, fragrances and mineral oils are out, and the latest forms of vitamins, nutrients and peptides are in! Some of my favorites products are…

1. Blinc Mascara– This mascara is water–resistant, smudge proof and lasts all day long. It coats your lashes with a tube for length and volume and comes off with water and gentle pressure with no toxic makeup remover required.

2. Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs– For those of us who are “shade goddesses”, this product dusts our legs with a natural hint of color giving an airbrushed tan effect without harmful rays.

3. Korres Lip Gloss– This Lip Gloss is full of color, has conditioning ingredients and a non-sticky texture. Oh, and most importantly it’s free from all the “bad stuff” like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan.

4. Clarisonic PRO– The ultimate in removing makeup and environmental grime for clean healthy skin that is prepped and ready to receive active ingredients from serums and treatment products.

5. SKINSHIFT Vitamin C Treatment Serum Formula 137 – I formulated this serum to have the most advanced form of Vitamin C clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, brighten and firm your skin. Idebenone (the same ingredient in Prevage) is added to protect against free radicals and UV damage while boosting the serum’s tightening, brightening and rejuvenating effects.

6. SKINSHIFT Wrinkle Treatment Serum Formula 132– A miracle product for those of us over 30. Say goodbye to the wrinkles that occur from expressing ourselves (facial muscles) as well as the inevitable collagen loss that happens with time. Contains ingredients clinically shown to reduce wrinkle depth by 63% in just 28 days.

7. SKINSHIFT Lip Treatment (not pictured)- Plumps and moisturizes the lips like no other. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. Unfortunately, the SkinShift Lip Treatment is not available online, only by calling her office. The number is (512) 343-9355.

Ruthie Harper, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Harper is based in Texas, where she works in the areas of nutritional medicine, non-surgical aesthetic transformation and genetically based skincare. Dr. Harper’s extensive, multi-disciplinary expertise has led her most recently to create Skinshift, a DNA-based program designed to individualize each person’s skincare regimen based on his or her unique genetic profile.


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  1. August 10, 2012 / 5:12 am

    The blinc mascara sounds like something I'll definitely need to try!

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