The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Dr. Sarah Vickery, Beauty Product R&D

The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Dr. Sarah Vickery, Beauty Product R&D
For body, I use a combo of 1. Olay Shea Butter body wash and Olay bar soap. I have very dry skin, and these are both incredibly hydrating. I also think both of these smell great naturally nice and fresh without being overly flowery or powdery (which I do not like!).

For my face, I still use 2. Olay Regenerist lotion with SPF. It’s a classic and I love it.

I like a lot of Secret products, but currently I’m using 3. Secret Natural Minerals in vanilla and eucalyptus. It does its job nicely without an overpowering powdery smell.

One of the benefits of having some good friends in hair care is that I recently got an early supply of 4. Pantene Aqualights shampoo and conditioner. I LOVE it! I have a lot of hair, but each strand is on the finer side. Right now, my hair is pretty long, and it doesn’t take much to weigh it down. I feel like Aqualight was made for me. I’m finally getting compliments on my hair again. Although that could also be due to my new Wella hair color.

I like all of the 5. Venus shave creams, but I generally grab the one for sensitive skin. I actually don’t have sensitive skin, but why risk it?

Before joining P&G, Dr. Vickery obtained a Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Chemistry at the University of Kansas. As a Principal Scientist for Research & Development (R&D) in Color Cosmetics at P&G Beauty & Grooming, Dr. Sarah Vickery plays a key role in the development and promotion of new cosmetic technologies ranging across the face, eyes and lips. Specific projects included the study of the surface characteristics of new thermoplastic elastomer mascara brushes to evaluate delivery of mascara onto lashes, and the use of imaging techniques to assess lip color wear, providing insights into long-lasting color development.


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