Tarte’s Brush Set by Nicol Concilio Review

Tarte's Brush Set by Nicol Concilio Review

Recently, I got an email from Tarte telling me that a lot of their holiday stuff had been released, and I just could not help myself, I rushed over to the site and soon was ordering a couple of items (watch for some reviews in the next week or so). Included in that release was this brush set, a limited edition release in conjunction with Nicol Concilio, who I think is a YouTuber (I really hadn’t heard of her previously). But, the set looked decent so I put it in my cart. It sounds like it’s a good thing I pounced on it, it’s currently sold out on the Tarte website! You can still find it elsewhere. And you really might want this set.

Overall, I was impressed with these brushes. They’re soft and do a pretty good job. I felt the set was a bit different than other brushes that I already own (and I own a lot of brushes), so I bought the set. I don’t think this would be a good set to use as your core brushes, I think you likely need a few others to really round out a full set of brushes (I’ll make a list of what I would add from the Tarte brushes at the bottom of this post). For me, this set turned out to be a good buy and as I use the brushes more, I’ve been happier and happier with them!

Tarte beauty in the buff airbuki foundation brush Review

Beauty in the Buff Airbuki Foundation Brush
This brush is the reason I bought the set. I’m a sucker for a new foundation brush! Yes, it is a kabuki, and it’s a little different than the others I have. The bristles move around some, but not much. They don’t really collect a lot of foundation on them and look dirty afterwards. It spreads just the right amount of foundation, and if I buff with it, my foundation looks really, really great. Yes! My new favorite foundation brush for sure.

Tarte face framer powder brush Review

Tarte Face Framer Powder Brush
This brush has long and very soft bristles. Tarte says it works for pretty much any powder product such as blush, bronzer, setting powder, etc. I don’t feel it gives enough control (or picks up enough product) for use with a color product. I’ve been using it with my loose setting powder (not pressed, it can’t pick up pressed), and it’s been great. I can apply a very light layer of powder all over my foundation.

Tarte fan girl fan brush Review

Fan Girl Fan Brush
I confess that I’m not a fan brush fan. I don’t get the point. Usually there aren’t enough bristles to do much, and they just kind of bend all over and barely grab and product. Why??

This fan brush is a bit different than others that I’ve used. If you look closely at the picture you’ll notice that the brush is actually thicker and has a lot more bristles than usually. That extra substance makes a pretty big difference I think. It’s great for adding a very light dusting of a powder product, I’ve been using it with highlighters.

Smooth Moves Eye Blending Brush review

Smooth Moves Eye Blending Brush
This is a great eye blending brush. I use it in tiny circles over areas of color transition to lightly blend the colors without removing shadow.

Shade Thrower Contouring Eye Brush

Shade Thrower Contouring Eye Brush
This is a slightly angled shadow brush. Tarte suggests using it to apply shadow in your crease, I usually use this shape to apply to the outer corner of my eye.

Smudged Up Shadow Smudge Brush

Smudged Up Shadow Smudge Brush
A small smudge brush, for me this is a good size for smudging out liner or a shadow under my lower lash line.

I’m pretty impressed with the whole set! If I was going to complete it I would add in:
Double Ended Lip and Cheek Brush
Double Ended Eye Shadow Brush

You can find the Tarte Brush Set by Nicol Concilio at Tarte or Macy’s
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