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Today for The Beauty Spotlight Team, it's my turn to share how I organize my beauty stuff! I've previously shown my (not always perfect) organization in my bathroom, as well as on my bathroom vanity. Note that I was keeping it real, and yes, I don't alphabetize things and they're in bins and not always sterilized perfection. I'm a normal (and very busy) person. I'm not an organizing expert.

New beauty cabinet from Restoration Hardware! OMG I loooove it!

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In an effort to get the mess in my office under more control, last year I bought a big cabinet (it's the Restoration Hardware French Casement Tall Bath Cabinet). When I shared it on Instagram last year, it was empty as I was awaiting bins and such. And even 13 months later people still ask me about that cabinet.

I thought this was the perfect time to share with you what the inside looks like.

Inside My Beauty Closet

So, inside of that Restoration Hardware Cabinet, I have a bunch of big plastic bins from The Container Store. These are their Sweater Boxes and Shoe Boxes. They're the perfect size to fit onto the shelves of the cabinet and be able to move them around easily. I had massive debate about whether to use any sort of bins at all, and then what type. Ultimately, I decided that since I seem to do better when I can see everything, and move bins around to look at stuff (not to mention the added protection from spills of beauty products), that big bins would be the best storage option.

Each of the bins are themed. The large bins contain items that I need to review in the near future, back ups of favorites (things like lotion and body wash that I go through frequently), etc. I have 2 large bins with skin care/body care items. 1 has hair care and styling items, and the last is makeup items. The smaller shoe box bins are smaller collections of items that go together. I've written a series of posts with Burt's Bees, and I have a bin with their lippies and BB Cream. I have another bin of some of my favorite ELF products, there's a bin with different color correctors that I want to review in a big series, etc.

I don't hold on to products for long after they've been photographed or reviewed. Gently used items are given away to friends (there aren't any charities near me that will accept them and I don't have the time/money to mail that much to others that are further away), and some unopened items do get donated. I don't have the space to hold on to items for years to enable me to compare them with future products unfortunately.

How do you store your backup items? Are you a bin person also?


  1. I am a bin person, too Christine! It allows for adding more as needed. Also, as you said, you can see what is inside. Love the cabinet! Right now most of my bins are in my closet. I have decluttered so much with my move that it is actually nice to have a smaller stash.

  2. I store my extra stuff in 2 plastic cabinets that have drawers. Like you I have hair stuff, face stuff, etc etc........... If I find a good deal on something I buy it. We have a discount store and every so often they will have really expensive products out for big discount.

  3. I am. I have plastic bins in my linen closet filled with beauty products, and more in the basement. I love how they're hidden in your closet

  4. @JJmon2012 That's a big reason I have backups. When I know i like something but it's expensive, I'll buy extra when it's on sale.

  5. I really need to purge again. I'd love to have a smaller space for my beauty items!

  6. I don't like storing things 'in sight' so I too have lots of boxes stashed away in my closet :-)

  7. very clean and organized. I love the see-through boxes ;)

    mitchie :)

  8. I like the idea of see through bins. I currently store everything in wooden drawers and cannot see what's in them unless I open them. Labeling them would make it too obvious to the Dear Husband just how much stuff I have. I love the photos/maps on the wall next to your cabinet. Are they originals? If they're not, may I ask where you got them? I'm pretty sure my DH would love something like that for his upcoming birthday. Thanks

  9. They're not! I bought them about 8 years ago, it was a reproduction set that I got from a florist/gift shop store in Newport Beach California right before we moved out of the area and back to Michigan. There are 9 of them on my wall, the set actually came with 12. I just bought custom sized frames on or something and put them in. I'll have to look around for you to see if I still have the original folder they came in so I can tell you the brand name.


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