My Biggest Beauty Indulgence: My One True Beauty

Big Wavy Hair

Everyone has their own internal view of themselves. What their best feature is, what they look like, how they feel most comfortable in their own skin. For me, my view of myself is very dependent upon my hair! I have always had long hair, and a lot of it. A few years ago I did suddenly chop my hair, and as cute as it looked (and I got a lot of compliments), it just wasn’t me. At all. I only trimmed it back into a bob once before I started growing it back out again.

Do you remember in Little Women when Jo cuts her hair? Amy says, “Jo, how could you, your one beauty!” I’ve always felt like I’m Jo. I’m defined by my hair, and it’s very important to me!

Too Many Hair Products
You can see by my stash of just hair products, that I have a lot of products. There are serums, mousses, sprays and gels. And this is after a recent purge! My favorite brands are Living Proof, Kérastase, Redken and Oribe. I’ll also buy occasional drugstore products, TRESémme, Suave, L’Oreal, Aussie and Garnier have all been favorites. I’ve purchased about 95% of these products, and the ones that were sent by PR have likely already been repurchased. That’s a lot of product.

I recently wrote some posts over on eBay about my favorite products (this is what’s in that cabinet!) Go and check them out!
The Best Hair Sprays for Loose Waves and Curls
The Best Volumizing Mousses

Product Sent for Review Bought It Myself


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