Best Palette Update Ever: Too Faced's Natural Eyes Palette

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Too Faced Natural Eyes Shadow Palette

I've had the new (updated) Too Faced Natural Eyes Shadow Palette for a while now, so it is a bit embarrassing how long it has taken me to write about it and post swatch pictures. I could claim that I've been meaning to take pictures when I've used the shadows, but mostly I've just been happily using it and thinking that probably all of my readers have already purchased it. If you haven't bought this palette yet, you should. Even if you already have the old version (here's my review of the old Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette).

Too Faced new updated Natural Eyes Shadow Palette

Here you can see the old and new side by side. The first big difference is the packaging. I much prefer the newer palette. It isn't as deep (in the old, the extra depth was a drawer with useless brushes), and instead of being cardboard it is metal. This makes the palette much easier to travel with! As well, 3 of the shades have been replaced with completely new shades, and I think those new shades make repurchasing definitely worth it. The collection is now more wearable for every day, especially with the swapping out between Nude Beach (a pretty pink, but too glittery and powdery for every day) to the more neutral Nudie.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Shadow Palette swatch pictures

Too Faced has laid things out in trios, but obviously you can can mix and match as you want. As well, I love that the shades you're more likely to use frequently are larger, it's great to know you won't run out of the basic colors well before hitting pan on the more "fun" shades! My favorite look is Nudie over my entire lid, Honey Pot on the outer half of the lid and then Push Up or Erotica (depending on how dramatic I'm feeling) in my crease. I'll also use the crease color on my smudge brush when I smudge a little liner into my lash line. It's a slightly smoky look that still completely appropriate for work!

Too Faced
Product Sent for Review


  1. I LOVE the new packaging!! And the new shades are great, too. I can never have enough wearable neutral eyeshadows :D

  2. i definitely love the new packaging! i haven't tried much too faced products.. but from your review.. i'm itching to get one myself! :)

  3. Love it! Love the packaging and the new shades. I love the coverage on the skin for it seems light and natural. I will def gonna check on this....

  4. I've been eyeing this palette for a while, but haven't been able to justify it yet because I have the Chocolate Bar. Do you think the shades overlap with the Chocolate Bar too much to have both?

  5. I feel like they're pretty similar now that they've update this palette. I'd check out the Rock n Roll or Country palettes if you're feeling like you want something new!


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