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Top 10 Summer Hair Products

Must Have Summer Hair Products

Lately, I’ve been very focused on trying new and different things with my hair. I’ve been using new products, trying to style it different ways (ok, lets be honest, in different ways to have long curls, those are my favorite), and breaking out of my usual mold by trying out balayage highlights (which look best with curled hair). I’ve also been dealing with all of the normal summer hair issues such as pool water, damage from the sun and frizz.

Luckily, for Top 10 Tuesday today, some of my favorite beauty bloggers and I are sharing our favorite summer hair products. My recent favorites (plus a few that I tend to keep back ups of), easily fall under the category of “if you want amazing summer hair, try these”.

Products for the best summer hair

1. Malibu Swimmer’s Shampoo and Conditioner (at ULTA or Amazon)
My 5 year old takes swim lessons every week, and we’re planning to spend a decent portion of the summer swimming every day. The girl is blonde. Blonde, blonde, blonde. (She’s actually a clone of me at that age.) And her 18 month old sister has even lighter hair. I like them to have blonde hair, not green hair.

Luckily, clarifying shampoos for swimming have come a loooooong way from the shampoos that I remember using as a kid! Instead of smelling like chemicals and further drying out hair, this duo from Malibu smells like some amazing tropical fruit punch and is very hydrating. And my daughter remains blonde.

2. Olaplex No. 3 (available at salons only)
This is a new(ish) hair treatment that actually fixes broken chemical bonds in your hair. If you have hair that has been damaged from heat styling, perming or coloring, this is the treatment you need! It does what no other intensive hair treatment can. Lab Muffin has a great post explaining how Olaplex works if you would like more information.

I bought this recently, and I’ve used it on my hair weekly since then. After the first treatment I saw a big difference in how healthy my hair felt, how smooth it was and it was much shinier. I also noticed that my hair is a lot harder to curl and hold curl, but that’s because damaged hair does those things better.

You can use Olaplex on your hair for a quick treatment before your shower, or you can do what my stylist recommended and use it overnight. I actually wet most of my hair down then use a wide toothed comb to help me distribute the product throughout my hair. I probably use about 3/4 of an ounce with each treatment, but I have a lot of very long hair. I think put my hair up in a bun and sleep on it overnight, washing it out in the morning.

3. Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins (at Sally Beauty or Amazon)
I’ve mentioned these on occasion, but this is the perfect time to mention these bobby pins. I refuse to buy others, these ones really are that much better. They actually hold your hair. It’s amazing! They come in different sizes and 3 colors, so there’s sure to be one that will blend in to your hair.

4. Tangle Teezer Brush (at Sephora, Amazon, or Sally Beauty)
Not the most exciting thing, but this brush is really a necessity when it comes to little girls. My daughter’s have long hair, and it gets tangled rather easily. They’re much easier to brush out with this brush than with a more traditional brush. I’m expecting to have more issues with tangles as the weather improves and they spend all of their time playing outside.

5. Oribe Créme for Style (at Neiman Marcus, BirchBox or Oribe)
I swapped out my previous Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream for this cream, and I’m wishing I had done it before! The Supershine Cream was just that, a moisturizing and smoothing cream that added shine. The Créme for Style does that and adds like hold. Perfect for blowing out my hair or adding a little extra hold when I’ve curled it. And it isn’t sticky at all.

6. Kérastase Elixir Ultime (at Kérastase or BirchBox)
I’ve tried a lot of hair oils for shine and soothing (I also really like Redken’s Diamond Oil), but this one is my current favorite. I need 1 pump for all of my hair, and it adds just the right amount of shine, perfectly smooths my hair all day without weighing it down and it doesn’t look greasy.

7. Kérastase Spray à Porter (at BirchBox or Kérastase)
What would summer be without beachy waves? And I need a good texture spray to get those waves (especially after using the Olaplex a few times). This is my favorite texture spray as it has a lot more hold than similar sprays, but it doesn’t feel crunchy or sticky in my hair.

8. ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand (at ghd or Sephora)
I’ve really been loving the results I get with this oval shaped curling wand! You can read my ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand Review, and be sure to see how great my hair looks when I’ve used it! As well, I have a post showcasing oval curling wands at different price points, which was a common request.

9. Scunci No-slip Grip Octopus Clip (at Amazon)
Not the most exciting hair tool, but this big ugly bun clip really has helped me out a lot lately! I’ve been using it almost every night when I sleep to help extend my time in between hair washings. I run a little of the Kérastase Elixir Ultime through my hair, gently twist it up onto the very top of my head, and then secure it with this clip. When I let it down in the morning I have gentle curls and extra volume!

10. Invisibobble (at Sephora or ULTA)
Yes, it looks like telephone cord. I feel a bit 1980s when I use it, but these do a great job of holding my hair without creating a dent. I’ve been using them for working out, but I have a feeling that I’ll be using them like crazy this summer!

What’s your favorite hair product for summer? I’d love to know!

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