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Oval Curling Wands for Every Price Point

GHD Classic Wave Wand Review and Results

Do you remember this oval curling wand? I reviewed it last week, and the response has been insane. I’ve been getting emails, tweets, and just friends asking in person: I love that look, but really? $200?? For an oval curling wand??

I know. $200 is a lot for a curling wand. There are some great features in that one, such as super fast heating, and it is great at maintaining an even temperature for the entire wand.

But, there were a lot of requests for a lower priced option. So I went and found you some! Unfortunately, oval curling wands are really hard to find. The 5 that I found were pretty much the only options on-line.

Oval Curling Wands for Every Price Point

1. ghd Curve Classic Wave Curling Wand (at ghd, Sephora, Nordstrom or Amazon), About $199
This is the original. Yes, it’s $199 at ghd, but as I’m typing this it is $150 at Amazon, where the price fluctuates as it goes on sale on different sites on line. Sephora is also a great place to watch as they do occasionally have sales and have a great return policy.

2. Sultra The Bombshell Oval Curling Iron (at Sephora or ULTA), About $130
Back in 2012 my friend Mallory went to an event in NYC for me, and tried out these curling wands. They gave her one of each, and I still hear from her how amazing these are! This is a slightly lower price than the ghd, but still expensive. The wand is ceramic and features technology to keep it at an even 360.

3. Remington T|Studio Silk Oval Waving Wand (at Amazon or Target), About $25
I haven’t tried this curling wand, but it is at an affordable price point and heats up in about 30 seconds. The max temperature is 410, which is much hotter than the ghd and Sultra wands, which are well under 400, but those are at a set temperature and this Remington can be controlled. It has a “ceramic coating” that is infused with silk, but isn’t completely ceramic. It also comes in red if you don’t want pink, here.

4. Glamoriser Results Wave Wand (at Look Fantastic), About $37+
This wand is a bit difficult to find in the US (look for it at Boots in the UK), and the price range is pretty broad, but it can be found for a pretty decent price. It is oval, has a “black diamond oil infused barrel” and heats up to about 210c.

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1″ Oval Curling Iron (from Amazon or StyleBell), About $50
This wand has heat up to 450f, is made of “nano titanium” and the shape is bit different than the other ovals, the edges are a tad sharper.

GHD Classic Wave Wand Review and Results

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