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Perfect Waves: Obsessing Over the ghd Classic Wave Wand

Oval curling wand review

I’ve made no secret of my obsession with curling my hair. I’m forever in search of the next, prettiest, fastest and longest lasting way to curl my hair. I want it long, voluminous and Angel Worthy. YES. I want that hair.

In a Facebook group that I’m in, a woman showed off her new haircut a few months ago. She had straight, shoulder length hair cut into a cute LOB. But, she had put the most amazing curls into it! It didn’t look anything like what my hair looked like when I curled it, and it was everything. Her secret? Instead of using a regular curling wand, she had an oval one.

I knew I need an oval wand. And I was right.

GHD Curve Oval Curling Wand Review

ghd kindly sent me their ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand to try out. This is pretty similar to their other curling wands, but it features an oval shape. The wand is 1 1/2″ to 1″ in size, and features a “tri-zone” technology to help keep the entire wand at a consistent 365 degrees. I love that it also has a slightly pointed end that is cool, which makes it much easier to curl your hair without burning yourself. The wand has a simple on/off button, it chimes when you turn it on, and it heats up very quickly.

When I use the wand, I prep my hair according to the methods I shared in my How I Curl My Hair post. I then section my hair into 3 layers, and quickly wrap roughly 1″ chunks of hair around the wand. I hold them for about ten seconds. The wand is pretty slippery, so it is very easy to slide my hair off of it without disturbing the curl. I usually use a small plastic clip to hold that curl in place while it cools. I run my fingers through my hair quickly once I’m all done.

And the end results are glorious! It lasts for 2-3 days without needing a touch up!

Results from an oval curling wand

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