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Makeup Wars: Our Favorite Non-Powder Eye Shadows

Favorite Cream Eye Shadow: Mally Saddle Shimmer Swatch and Review

Today on Makeup Wars we’ve decided to showcase our favorite non-powder shadows. In the past, it seemed like if you wanted non-powder and a decent shadow, your only choice was pretty much a MAC Paint Pot… or…. well, nothing. There weren’t really any cream shadows that were decently pigmented, easy to use and lasted for more than an hour or so. Suddenly, I swear they are everywhere. From the Clinique Chubby Eyes, to the drugstore Milani shadows and even the waterproof Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows, it is really easy to find a great creamy shadow!

Today I’ve decided to show a product that I reach for pretty frequently, Mally Beauty’s Saddle Shimmer. This Evercolor Stick comes in an automatic pen that is pretty thick with a rounded tip (and yes, it does look a bit phallic in that picture…) Since Mally sent it to me to play with, it has already been showcased in two Makeup Wars posts (travel beauty essentials and emerald eye look).

 photo mally-saddle-shimmer-swatch.jpg
What I like so much about this shadow is how easy it is to work with, but then how long it lasts and has the depth of a great powder shadow. I definitely prefer my cream shadows to be in a stick form (I keep buying ones in pots and they just sit there collecting dust), and I especially like when I don’t have to sharpen them. Many other cream shadows that fall short in terms of pigmentation, but this one is very pigmented. You can see that even when it is patted with a finger to “blend” that it is still very pigmented. You have a few minutes to play with it, but afterwards it sets and you can’t really move it.

Super fast eye makeup look with Mally Saddle Shimmer
This is how I usually wear the shadow (and I was a bit squinty, looking into my light set up for products, hence the strange crinkling under my inner eye…) This is a super fast eye look for the weekend, and I took these pics after wearing the shadow for about 10 hours of errands, toddler playing and work around the house. I think it’s held up pretty well!

I’ve colored my entire lid up and into the crease with the Saddle Shimmer. I lightly patted it with my finger to blend the edges. I also very lightly lined my eyes with Stila Oscar Fish Smudge Stick and then a light layer of Fresh Supernova Mascara.

This look took about 2 minutes, I’m wearing tinted moisturizer and some lip balm. Everything is under 5 minutes- I promise!

Do you have any cream or stick eye shadows that you wear? Which have you had the best wear from?

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  1. 4.15.13

    More Mally! You girls are killing me! So pretty….

  2. 4.15.13

    Saddle Shimmer almost mad my list as well! It's pretty fantastic!

  3. 4.15.13

    This is on my list too! Love these Mally eye sticks!

  4. 4.15.13
    Anonymous said:

    Love your blog! And that is an amazing color 🙂

  5. 4.15.13

    Mally seems to be the winner in Makeup Wars. This is a great color and goes on my list!

  6. 4.15.13
    Phyrra said:

    You ladies all make me want to try Mally! Love this on you.

  7. 4.15.13

    This Saddle Shimmer is in regular rotation for me, too. It's one of her less shimmery Shadow Sticks, imo.

  8. 4.15.13
    Sarah said:

    Mally Shadow Simmer, you mean you could wear it for 10 hours without it sweating or looking too moist?

  9. 4.16.13

    What a pretty shade!!! I need to try some Mally asap! 🙂

  10. 4.16.13
    Beauty411 said:

    Geez, I have quite a few Mally Evercolor Shadws, but not Saddle Shimmer…I need that one! Great pick!

  11. 4.16.13
    Eugenia said:

    I keep seeing Mally everywhere and I keep forgetting to get something! I would use this color everyday!

  12. 4.18.13
    Teri said:

    I love the Mally Evercolor Sticks. Some of my favorite for sure. Great color!

  13. 4.29.13
    Rachel said:

    I think this needs to be my new beauty must-have!I love the color and the shimmer!