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Makeup Wars: My Travel Beauty Essentials

Packing for travel

This week for Makeup Wars we’ve decided to concentrate on travel beauty. Some of us will show what we pack, what we bring in our 3-1-1 bag, how we keep our skin glowing despite the arid environment of an airplane, etc. I’ve decided to show a bunch of what I’d be bringing if I left for my next vacation tomorrow. Actually, my next vacation isn’t too far off, very soon my husband and I will be taking our 2 year old to Walt Disney World for her first visit! She’s proving to be as much of a Disney fan as I am (our current favorite videos are Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan), so you can only imagine my excitement! Even better, while we’re in Orlando my friend Nancy from Beauty 411 will be at the resort as well, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her!

In all of my Disney preparations for our first visit with a toddler, I’ve been reading a ton of travel tips, and you can see some of what I’ve been reading over on my travel tips Pinterest board. I’m planning on doing things like bringing things to occupy my daughter while in line, I have rain parkas for those sudden Orlando showers, even little laundry soap pods for our in room washer and dryer! If you have some Disney World travel tips for toddlers, definitely share them with me! I want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

In the meantime, if I was packing up tonight, here’s most of the beauty items that I’d bring with me. I’m not a girl that can pack everything in to a carry on, I am the super over packer. Honestly, I’m not even sure that I can do 1 night with a carry on. I’m trying to be more minimal (for me) on this trip. I still want to feel like myself, but I’m limiting my shadow and lippie options, etc. (Remember, I’m the girl that usually has 20-30 glosses in her purse. Not really on purpose, but that’s just the way I roll.)

 photo travel-makeup-bags.jpg

These are the bags I usually travel with, I use them all the time when going out of town. The first bag was sent to me by Trina, but I liked it so much that I bought 4 matching bags (not all of them are here, they’re spread amongst various suitcases). I love them because they’re lined, so if anything spills then the mess is contained. They’re the perfects sizes and shapes, and I especially love that the big bag has removable matching clear bags.

 photo shower-essentials.jpg

1. Olay Body Wash: This is an anti-aging one, though somewhere I have the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash somewhere here too. I have a smaller shower poof here, but really only because it was in my travel bag. I’ll likely swap it out for me Beautisol Exfoliating Mitt.

2. Ummm… yes, shave gel and a razor. Venus and Skintimate.

3. I’m still undecided about body lotion. Here I’m showing Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, though I usually use Cetaphil Cream. I haven’t decided if the Kiehl’s will be enough moisture for me.

 photo travel-skincare.jpg

I usually travel with whatever skin care I’m testing at that time, though I do try to add in a few “emergency” items to help cope with issues due to travel.

1. Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen: Obviously I’m a big fan of sunscreen, and since I’m going to Florida I’ll need a decent SPF to wear every day. This has SPF 30 and is very light weight.

2. My current regimen from Pevonia Spa Clinica is obviously what I’d pack to come with me.

3. I’m currently pairing my Pevonia C Evolutive Eye Gel with the rest of the PSC. It’s great under makeup and to decrease puffiness.

4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery: I don’t travel without my Midnight Recovery! A few drops on my skin before I head to bed and any dryness from a long flight is just… gone. Love that.

 photo sunprotection-disney.jpgMore sun protection!

1. Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam: My daughter has become a bit resistant to my slathering of lotion, so I’m hoping that this foam will persuade her! A foam also sounds lighter weight than the usual lotion that we use.

2. Coppertone Lip Balm: I once had a sunburn on my lips, and I swear, never again! This Coppertone Sport also has sun protection.

3. Aveeno Baby Sunblock Lotion: This is my old stand by for my daughter, I’ll still be bringing it, but likely it will be my husband and I using it.

 photo travel-hair-items.jpg

1. L’Oreal Advance Haircare Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner: I’ll be decanting my shampoo and conditioner into smaller bottles, but I’m really loving this new line from L’Oreal. Seriously, amazing.

2. DermOrganic Hair Masque: Wow. Seriously, the best hair masque ever. And it only takes a minute. I’m always worried about how my hair will respond to water when I’m out of town, having a few applications of this with me will make me feel a lot better!

3. L’Oreal Advance Haircare Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray: It looks like a regular shine spray, but it is so much more. It smells amazing, gives me great shine, and oh yes, it protects my hair. It has some UV protection and protects against heat up to 450 degrees. L’Oreal, please, please, please start making this in a travel sized bottle!

4. Ojon full detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray: Birchbox sent me a travel size of this great dry shampoo, so it’s coming with me! It isn’t powdery, doesn’t leave a white mess, just soaks up oil and adds great volume. Love that.

5. DermOrganic Leave in Treatment: DermOrganic’s version of the hair oil that everyone has. This one has Argan Oil and does a better job than others (**cough, cough, MorrocanOil**) at making my hair soft and shiny. Oh, and it is almost impossible to use too much, my hair seems to just suck this stuff up.

6. DermOrganic Volume Foam: This is a great “mousse” that really is a liquid that foams up with a pump. It adds volume and some hold to my hair without becoming sticky.

7. Sarah Potempa Beach Waver Curling Iron: Yeah, so this is amazing. And I’m still obsessed with it despite frying my hair with it over the summer. My newly dark hair does seem to look better when a few curls have been added (I think it looks a bit harsh when really straight. I’m probably just not used to it), and the curls are WAY better as 2nd day hair. So, Volume Foam for just the right amount of hold, curl, and I’m good for a few days. That sounds like vacation hair to me!

 photo misc-travel-items.jpg

1. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1: I wear it every night. I can’t go to sleep without it. I might be addicted.

2. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate: This product is really interesting. It is kind of hard and feels almost waxy at first, but when you get it out it quickly melts and just sinks into skin, healing everything. It’s insane moisture. It’s how I’m surviving this winter.

3. Elie Saab Perfume: So, I really need to just fully review this perfume. I’m wearing it every day (my husband loves it), and I’ve mentioned it a few times. It’s made me put all my other perfume testings/reviews on hold because I only want to wear it. Anyways, they just came out with this really great travel atomizer (that’s the gold thing), but what is really great is that there are 3 vials of the perfume! So, you can refill it. You simply twist the gold atomizer, and something comes out of the top, you spritz from there. So, it’s pretty hard to get it all over the place.

4. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: This is the hand lotion I leave in my white coat pocket at the hospital so I tend to travel with it, though it might not make it in the suitcase due to the FAB Ultra Repair Concentrate. We’ll see!

5. Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Toothpaste: This is a new minty flavor, and it is wintergreen (!!! Love that!!!) and it doesn’t taste like peroxide. I’m doing a lot of tooth whitening stuff with my new hair. They were white before, but with the new hair my skin looks lighter and more porcelain, and somehow white teeth just didn’t look quite as white. So, I’m sticking with toothpaste for now, but I have another Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit already in my bathroom. I might do it, not sure yet.

6. Revitalash: Love this stuff, it’s given me amazing eye lashes.

7. Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone: In case my eczema flares

8. Clindamycin Gel: This is my prescription for my rosacea.

 photo disney-makeup.jpgA lot of these are my oldie but goodies, things that I know will work. See below for a few more details.

1. Eyeshadows, primer is my NYX primer, there’s a stick shadow from Mally and 2 Urban Decay liners (Zero and Underground).

2. Lippies: I have a nice array of colors here, but the real star is the Mally Beauty Lip Primer. I can’t find it alone, but it comes with the perfect red lip kits. It’s a white-ish liquid that becomes clear, and creates a slightly sticky base for under lipstick. IT IS AMAZING. Oh wait, did I yell that? Yes. I meant to do that. It makes all lipsticks better, last much longer and not come off when you sip your coffee. Get it.

3. Face Items: CoverGirl TruBlend in my new shade of 410, It Cosmetics Concealer, TruBlend Pressed Powder and my Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray.

4. Mascaras: Obviously, a curler and my CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara and the new Maybelline Rocket Mascara. An amazing combo.

5. Some blushes, a travel Tweezerman and Clean & Clear Oil Control Sheets.

6. Milk of Magnesia Face Primer: Basically, it is 75% MoM and 25% water. I have it in a little Nalgene bottle so it won’t spill, and it is definitely coming to Florida!

 photo eyeshadows-travel.jpg

1. Mally Shadow in Saddle Shimmer: It’s kind of a gold. So pretty!

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

3. Stila Travel Palette, this one is an old one, “Road to Radiance Across the USA”

4. Watch for a post soon, but this is the PUR Minerals Beautiful Creatures Palette. Amazing. I might need a backup.

 photo cream-blushes.jpg1. Stila Convertible Color in Lillium

2. Stila Travel Palette: I don’t know the name of it, but the convertible color in this palette is pretty close, I might leave my beloved Lillium at home. And that is a little claw mark in the product, my 2 year old tried to dig it out with her fingers… I guess she liked it too?

3. Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color in Oleander

 photo travel-lippies.jpg

1. MAC Baby Sparks
2. MAC En-Chantée
3. L’Oreal in Lilac Ever After and Infinite Fuchsia
4. Fyrinnae in Lollipop-Pop
5. Maybelline in Made It Mauve

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  1. 2.18.13

    The very best advice I got when taking my kids to Disney was to use the strollers at the park. My daughter had just turned 3 when we went and that darn thing was a life saver for her AND my 5 year old!

  2. 2.18.13

    Great choices! I didn't even go into hair stuff. EEK! I need to come back and look at some of the reviews for some items you selected as I'm very curious. Thanks!

  3. 2.18.13
    Teri said:

    So, you might win with the over packing – that's so much! But I can totally relate and have filled up an entire suitcases with only beauty products in the past.

  4. 2.18.13

    I love the fact that this is pared down for you!

  5. 2.18.13

    I always admire your Trina bag when you feature it! 🙂 You are able to fit an amazing amount of items in it!!! I still need to get that UD Naked Basics palette! 🙂

  6. 2.18.13

    You get the prize for best over packer!

  7. 2.18.13
    Katie said:

    i am the same way! Always packing a lot!
    Great Post!

  8. 2.18.13
    Beauty411 said:

    Girlfriend, I feel like I have to warn you. You are going to WDW! Trust me….edit this bag, lol! I would cut everything in half, except sunscreen! And I'm with you on the new L'Oreal haircare. I love it (and need travel sizes!)

  9. 2.18.13
    Phyrra said:

    I love seeing the DermOrganic! You definitely need all the sunscreen!

  10. 2.18.13

    You win!! You packed more than the rest of us together. I love how low maintenance you are.
    I'll never see Kiehl's Midnight Recovery without thinking of you since I know that you are in love with it as well as so many other Kiehl's products.
    I just reviewed the Pur Minerals Beautiful Creatures palette and it is truly wonderful. I'd travel with that in a minute.

  11. 2.19.13
    B said:

    Yay for your Disney vacay. You are going to have a blast. And you'll be looking gorgeous!

  12. 2.19.13

    I knew you would end up with the most lippies!

  13. 2.19.13

    You take ALL of this? 1/4 of this would still seem like a lot to me.

  14. 2.19.13
    Carleen said:

    Love your packing list. I wanted to take Dermorganic with me on my last trip, but I stuck with prefilled bottles of L'Oreal Everpure simply because they were already there!

  15. 2.20.13

    Not necessarily for travel but I recently got Laura Mercier's cream blush in Oleander. It is my first foray into cream blushes. I love it! As an oily skinned gal I was concerned abt using a cream blush but it has not made me oilier. Color lasts all day!

  16. 5.9.13

    How did you like the coppertone kids wacky foam?

  17. 5.10.13

    So, it was a bit of a bust. My daughter was a bit freaked by it and we ended up with the normal Aveeno baby. I'm going to try again this summer!