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Bioelements Quick Refiner Review

Bioelements Quick Refiner Review

If I had to choose only 1 Bioelements product to use (which, truthfully, I would not be very happy about picking out just 1), I would hands down pick the Quick Refiner! I strongly believe that this is the product most responsible for my smoother, softer skin.

I have been using Quick Refiner each night as part of my nightly routine, and it’s very easy to use. One pump gives me about 2 peas worth of a clear, odorless gel that I then spread on my damp face (this is right after my Power Peptide, so my face is damp, which really aids in spreading an even layer of the Quick Refiner). I try to spread it on my face first and any excess is spread onto my neck and chest. The Quick Refiner is not thick, sticky or itchy. In fact, once it is spread on it feels much like a thick moisturizer has just been applied, and it only takes about 5 minutes for it to sink into my skin with my Probotix and Sleepwear. Note that Bioelements also suggests that for faster application you can mix 1-2 pumps worth into your moisturizer and then apply both at once. I have had no problems with stinging, itchiness or irritation with this product (all problems common with hydroxy acids).

But, what exactly is this stuff? It’s a gel that’s just full of hydroxy acids! A quick look at the ingredients in this gel finds no less than 4 (!!!) alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids) as well as a beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) and some herbs that they say help the skin withstand stress (Ginseng, Sumac, Gotu Kola, Dong Quai and Watercress). I’m not sure about the herbs, I haven’t researched herbs in cosmetics yet, though I do have a few great looking review papers on the topic that I have ready to read soon!

Truthfully, this Quick Refiner is pretty heavy duty stuff! Within a few days of using it my skin was smoother, clearer and it has just continued to improve. It’s so impressive, that when it was sent to me Bioelements told me that I should cycle it on and off in order to allow my skin some regeneration time (3 weeks on, 1 week off).

Really, I think this is an amazing product, and I will pick my bottle to be my beauty product on a deserted isle (after sunscreen of course). If you have any problems with loss of radiance, uneven skin texture or are looking to add a hydroxy acid product to your routine, please take a close look at this product.

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  1. 9.8.07

    I do agree. Benefits pop up sooner than expected.

  2. 7.3.20
    Synthia said:

    I used this product ( quick refiner) and I broke out with cysts, I talked to a friend of mine and she said typically after facials you’ll break out because the product is lifting all the toxins out of your face so I’m wondering if this is a reaction with my skin and to discontinue use or if this is what the product does.

    • 7.4.20
      Christine said:

      It’s something frequently seen when you start using an exfoliating product, it’s called purging. There’s no “toxins” in your skin to lift out.