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Bioelements Sleepwear Night Cream Review

bioelements sleepwear night cream review

At the end of each night, I have been using Sleepwear to complete my nighly beauty routine.

According to Bioelements, the active ingredients in Sleepwear are:
Topical Calcium PCA – Strengthens epidermal cell cohesion and inhibits the release of MMPs that damage collagen and elastin.
Cranberry Oil – “super vitamin E” and a potent source of antioxidants
Retinol – vitamin A in its purest and most active form. Smoothes out lines and wrinkles
Protein Peptides – stimulate the synthesis of collagen by more than 300%

I had a few added ingredients in my Sleepwear (It was custom blended for me by Bioelements, so I have added Vitamin C and Lavender in mine). But, notice what it already has in it, Cacium PCA (which helps to stop break down of collagen), Retinol and Peptides are all included!

Sleepwear is a great moisturizer. It comes in the cute little glass jar, and has a light lemon color. Mine smells like fresh lavender, which is just amazing right before bed! It easily soaks into my skin, and isn’t too heavy. I feel really glowing after using it each night, and I literally go to bed each night just smelling the lavender– Love it!

You can buy Sleepwear at Amazon or DermStore
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