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Bioelements Power Peptide Review

Bioelements Power Peptide Review

The second step in my Bioelements skin care routine is the Power Peptide both morning and night. Now, I’ve never really been a toner girl, despite having combination skin. I forget to use it, haven’t seen benefits, etc. So, I was surprisingly loyal to using my Power Peptide, and I didn’t really understand what exactly it was that I was spraying on my face twice a day until I started to write this post.

Power Peptide is not really a classic toner, if you could ever even consider it one at all. Power Peptide is a liquid that you spray onto your skin while it is damp and allow to either dry, or you apply other products over it while it is still damp. The Power Peptide really has no smell, and is a light refreshing mist.

I wash my face, lightly pat it to remove most (but not all) of the water, and then spritz on Power Peptide. I try to do this without a shirt on, because since the spray falls all over, I could then get the extra onto my chest, shoulders, etc.

I did find that the Power Peptide tarnished my silver necklaces (easily fixed with my polishing cloth), so I started removing my necklace for my daily routine. In the morning I allow this to dry a bit before applying my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, but at night I continue on with applying the rest of my Bioelements products. The Power Peptide bottle is surprisingly very large at 6 ounces, and I have barely made a dent in it!

Now that you know what Power Peptide is like to use, what the heck is this stuff? Well, according to Bioelements, this product:
• Adds youthful radiance
• Revitalizes skin with renewing peptides
• Boosts moisture
• Brightens and refines skin tone

All of that sounds pretty great to me! How does it do this? With Peptides. Peptides are basically very small proteins, and yes, they are small enough to get down through the skin in all the layers we’ve discussed.

I’m enough of a believer that I’m going to continue to use the Power Peptide! I love spritzing, I feel like I’m back in the 1940s or something (very decadent and glamorous)! I also like applying products over the Power Peptide, I use a LOT less of the other products when they are applied over damp Power Peptide as they are very easily distributed in a more even application. Be sure to pick up a bottle when you buy your Bioelements products!

You can buy Power Peptide at DermStore or Amazon.
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  1. 9.4.07

    You’re slowly converting me over with your posts on Bioelements..

    My skin type is just like yours, and I’ve been battling it for a couple of years now – I get these awful cysts out of nowhere..

    I wish they had sample sizes or something.

  2. 9.4.07
    cmb12 said:

    Hi I enjoyed reading about tje peptides and how they worked. I also appreciated the scientific reference. thanks!

  3. 9.5.07
    Catherine said:

    I went into a spa that carries Bioelements products. They gave me samples!

  4. 11.22.08

    Hi! I’m an esthetician that uses Bioelements in many of my facials and I love it a lot!

    For the Love of Skin