Somme Institute Boost Mask Review

Somme Institute Boost Mask Review

I’m a mask girl. If I had time, I’d use 2 or 3 masks a day. A day people! Love them! I really only get to use a mask about 2 or 3 times a week if I’m having a great week, more like once a week if things are at their typical level of busy. So, I want my mask to do a lot. Help me clean out some of my back up, gunky pores. Leave my skin smooth and glowing because it was a bit more exfoliated than usual. If there’s a way to get a bit more hydration even, then I’d love that. Do it all in 10 minutes or less!

Somme Institute Boost Mask is interesting. This is a light tannish mask and I can’t describe the scent at all. There is one, it isn’t unpleasant, I just can’t think of how to explain it. It’s a bit earthy (probably the Kaolin Clay), a little herbal and sweet… I’m not too sure beyond that.

It feels like a moisturizer that has been mixed 50/50 with a clay mask. It has that slightly gritty mud feel, but is somehow a tad creamy to me? Once applied to your skin it starts to warm up, and oooooh…. it feels so good! It isn’t hot, just warm enough to feel really great. I had some faint (pleasant) tingling at about 3-4 minutes in, but it never hurt. The mask had dried slightly on the surface when I washed it off at about 10 minutes. It rinsed off pretty easily and I used the Nourishing Cleanser to remove any excess.

After use my skin was smooth and glowing! I was a bit hydrated, but still needed to use a moisturizer. The mask contains that MDT5 with all of the vitamins to penetrate deeply in to your skin, but also has Kaolin Clay (to suck stuff out of pores), a retinoid, peptide and even pumpkin enzymes (read: hydroxy acids) all to give you an anti-aging boost.

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