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Ask David: Dealing with Damaged Hair

how to fix Damaged Hair
Today I thought we’d deal with 2 very related questions that readers had for David, dealing with damaged hair! Obviously this isn’t a black or white issue, there are all sorts of degrees of damage. Whether you’re a heated styling tool addict (like me), color your hair (me again) or any number of other things, chances are that you also have damaged your hair. Here are a few tips for dealing with it!

I am always looking for tips on how to combat damage secondary to highlights. Specifically, how to add more protein to the hair. I have a few treatments that I like. But, I am always looking for more information in this area.

Adding protein to the hair can be key, but you do need to remember that too much protein also can be bad, there’s a balance. In fact, too much protein can cause more damage to your hair. It is ok to continue with minimal protein applications, but use a moisturizing conditioner to help balance.

Christine’s note
I had a similar discussion with the owner of my salon about a year ago. Luis felt that if you really wanted to add protein or moisture to the hair it was fine to use products to do so, but to alternate the products. Add moisture one day, protein the next.

I asked David about this, and he said: “Yes, that does make sense. By alternating the products you’ll find that balance, but I recommend trying to stretch the days between washings. Go 2 or 3 days and alternate between a “normal” product and add in the moisture or protein every now and then. That’s probably the balance most people need.”


My hair is damaged, when I say damaged, I literally mean it breaks off (you can SEE it on my shirt,etc) even when NOTHING it touching it, let a lone trying to brush it. What are the best products or salon treatments (that don’t cost a FORTUNE!) that can help this? I know less or as little to NO heat as possible, don’t tug/pull, don’t wash EVERYDAY, etc.

Unfortunately, with hair this damaged… it is so damaged that you just need to take the plunge and cut it. Find a cut that is shorter than the damaged area to fit your face shape and personality, cut your hair off and just start over. There aren’t any products that would be able to fix this kind of damage. There’s no sense in having long hair just for the sake of your hair being longer, especially if it is breaking off so much and looks so unhealthy. Chop it off, leave the healthy roots behind, and work on growing your hair from that point.

David L Hensley is the Chief Creative Officer, Head Stylist and basically hair guru for Laid Brand Hair Care, one of my newest obsessions. David has worked in both Los Angeles and Florida and works with both celebs and us normal people. He has a great understanding of hair and how to work with hair to create great looks!

David has agreed to help with a series of posts answering your hair care and styling questions. Please let me know if you have questions you’d love to see addressed!

Laid Brand Hair Care
David L Hensley

Image: Federico Marsicano | Dreamstime.com

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  1. 6.9.12

    Curly hair looking fabulous.

    Oscar Pour Lui Eau De Toilette Spray

  2. 6.12.12

    Obviously I agree with David (he's an expert, after all), but it seems to me if someone's hair is as damaged as she is describing, then a trip to the doctor is in order! The only time my hair ever started breaking that extremely, it was because of an underlying medical problem.

  3. 6.12.12
    Reena said:

    I used to have dry and damaged hair. I tried applying hair treatments it did minimized the damage.
    But I agree to what David says, that its best to cut off short to reborn hair and have a new look.

  4. 7.14.12
    Moxie said:

    This is so great to have David answering questions! I also love their shampoo and conditioner!! xo