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Laid Brand No More Headaches Hairspray Review: 3 Sprays in One!

Laid Brand No More Headaches Hairspray Review

I’m not a big hair spray girl. I blame it on the early 1990’s. My heyday, and it was the time of grunge, Nirvana and plaid shirts. Nary a teased and sprayed bang in site! So, I’m not a big spray girl. I’ll use it maybe… twice a week? And when I do I want it to have touchable hold, not be sticky or flaky, my hair can’t turn crunchy…. basically I don’t want it to be there. That’s a bit of a tall order, in particular since I use so little actual product.

So, this hair spray does everything that you expect/want it to do. Yes, it holds. Yes, it is touchable. And it isn’t even sticky, flaky, smelly or crunchy.

What makes this hairspray really amazing is the nozzle. Yes, you can dial it to set how much hold you want. Have a light day? Set it to Low. Heading out to your best friend’s wedding? That should probably be on High to hold that elaborate up-do in place. All of that from 1 can! Ingenious.

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  1. May 26, 2012 / 12:50 am

    That is an awesome idea. Reminds of Maybelline's Dial a Lash mascara from the 80s. And Christine, I WAS an 80s girl so teased bangs and a half can of Aqua Net or Aussie Sprunch Spray at a time was how I rolled 😉

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