Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara Review: Add Length Like Crazy!

I'm a fan of adding length with mascara, but when I have to be careful which pair of glasses I wear with a mascara... You know a lot of length was added! Meet the new Maybelline mascara that can only be used with my Coach glasses.

I recently featured a L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes review, and I was sure that this Maybelline would simply be big sister's mascara in a new tube. But, I was wrong!

I seriously love this mascara, even though it seems to fall a tad flat after the 12 hour mark. First, it is not goopy coming out of the tube, which is unique for a fiber filled mascara. When applying, my lashes immediately just pop. The new length and added volume are immediately apparent. Best of all- it doesn't clump on itself! I can apply 2 coats without issues. I don't need to use a lash brush either.

And these things really are so long with this mascara that I can't wear my new glasses. The lashes brush against the inside of the lenses and leave little smudges behind. They drive me crazy.

After about 12 hours my length and volume have gone down (the pic above was at 14 hours, it was a very long and not fun day at work so I'm a bit scary looking), but there are no flakes or smudges in sight!



  1. Agreed!!! I bought it on a whim since I'm usually always a Maybelline Mascara fan and this is by far the best yet! My lashes brush my eyelids with this mascara-I love it.

  2. I wear glasses too and it's so annoying when lashes scrap your glasses and leaves marks!! However, it does mean that the mascara is doing its job!

  3. Hi Christine!! Thanks so much for your blog, I love reading it. It is such a guilty pleasure but I can't help it. I am definitely a product junkie too.

    I was just wondering if you have or would maybe review Rosa Artica Cream by Kiehl's at some point? I've heard a lot of comparisons to Creme De La Mer and I am just curious how similar they are since Kiehl's is less than half the price! My search on Nivea vs. La mer brought me to your blog as I have never tried La Mer before and so I thought maybe the second edition could be Rosa Artica vs La Mer!!

    Thanks so much and either way I love your blog so keep up the wonderful posts when you have the time!

  4. Nice! I love trying out new mascaras and maybelline is my favorite brand! I didnt know about this one, I wanna buy it! Btw, love your blog, im obsessed with makeup :) hehe

  5. Hi,

    Just was wondering.. is the brush with this mascara similiar to the Lash Stiletto? I've been wearing the Lash Stiletto for awhile now but lately I haven't been having much luck with the mascara's lasting longer than 3 weeks or so before I have to buy another one :(

    Thanks :)

  6. Strangely enough, I never published on Lash Stiletto. Hmmm.... wonder how that happened! I used to have it, I'll be sure to review it soon, I'll probably go buy a new one.

    If I remember the Stiletto brush correctly, I think that this wand is a bit "bulkier", like a 120% size version of the Stiletto brush. I had issues with clumpiness the last time I used Stiletto (that may have been a lash issue, I was coming off of a lash enhancer that didn't work well at the time), I don't have that with this mascara.

  7. I love maybelline's One by One and was wondering if this is even better.. I love maybelline mascaras and will be getting this later today! Thanks for the review!

    Request!! - Dream Smooth Mousse !

  8. alright, you've convinced me! totally trying it :D i tend to love maybelline mascaras anyway

  9. that's awesome! great review! i really wanted to try this mascara!

  10. Wow! You are right, what a difference. Great pics and review. Thanks! :). I'm glad I picked it up today. I'm so glad about the no flakes or smudges, that's my biggest pet peeve with mascara!

  11. Thanks Tiffany! I love this mascara. It's definitely going to be a new staple for me!


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