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Especially Escada Fragrance Review: A Safe Floral For Spring

Especially Escada is a new release and I fully admit that it isn’t really what I was expecting at all. Most of my experience with Escada comes from walking past their store in South Coast Plaza, seeing the beautiful dresses in the window. In my mind they are exclusive and very high end, hoity-toity basically.

Especially Escada is entirely different from my mental picture of Escada. This isn’t an old lady, fussy scent, though it is somewhat classic and “safe”.

Top Notes: Pear, Ambrette Seeds
Middle Notes: Rose, Watery Facet, Ylang Ylang
Base Notes: Musk

When I spray this perfume on, I initially smell Pink Pepper. I know that it isn’t listed as a note, but I swear that for the first 3 or 4 minutes I’m just thinking “pink pepper, pink pepper, aren’t there any other notes?” (Note, this might very well just be a quirk for me, I’m not a pink pepper fan so I tend to fixate on anything remotely pink pepper-ish.) After my imaginary pink pepper fades away, what is left behind is a very clean, though slightly watery rose scent. It is a bit fresh and green (I think that is the pear note), keeping it from becoming too “grandma”. It’s grounded by a very soft and subtle musk base note.

Overall, this scent is a pretty and subtle floral, though I don’t really know how to describe it in a way that sets it apart from other subtle florals. It would work for most daytime occasions such as work, brunch with your mother in law, et cetera. I think it would be a good perfume to check out for spring time, which I think calls for a pretty subtle floral while avoiding crossing over in to granny territory.

You can buy this fragrance at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

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  1. 1.5.12

    It's a great review. I might wanna ask if this could be a birthday present for my girl and is it available online? Thanks!

  2. 1.5.12
    Christine said:

    It could be! You can buy it from Sephora.com It just came out in August.

  3. 1.5.12
    Ani said:

    this is looking royal………. packaging and color are sooooo nice

  4. 1.10.12

    i love the colour! you dont often get pink perfume


  5. 1.10.12

    I think I received a sample of this…must try now!

  6. 3.9.12

    Hey. They are my pictures! Nice