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L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara Review: Is it Falsies in a Wand?

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

I have to admit, this mascara took a lot of practice before I felt comfortable taking pics of how it works. And I’m still not really happy with how things are turning out a few days later, I think I don’t quite have the hang of it with this mascara.

According to L’Oreal, this mascara is quite different from their previous Voluminous products.

Super-fine nylon and rayon fibers perfectly adhere to natural lashes, enveloping them from root to tip thanks to an exclusive polymer in the formula. Meanwhile, an architectural precision brush with a 40-degree angle and reverse twist bristles ensure optimal application, making lashes appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted. No clumps or messy results – just flawless lashes from every angle.

I tried for a looooong time to get a pic of the brush, but my spiffy dSLR was just not having it. I think the amount of mascara, and then the fibers, that come out of the tube (which is how I typically like to showcase the brush, since that’s what you’ll be dealing with), my camera simply could not decide it was focused. Even in full manual mode, it refused to actually snap a reasonably in focus picture.

Basically, this is a mascara with fibers in the formula that adhere to your lashes, improving the length and volume of your lashes. I think that it takes quite a while to get used to using this mascara, and until you do it is clump city. For real, not even remotely joking. I can’t even tell you how many days I pulled out my metal eye lash brush and spent about 5 minutes picking all of my lashes apart. It was rough.

I’m finally getting the hang of application now. What I’ve discovered:
• Do not wipe the mascara wand off with a tissue. For me, this created more clumps on the brush that then simply transferred to my lashes.
• Start at the very base of your lashes and sweep the brush up to the tips, but also a bit diagonal across lashes as you apply. This actually pulled apart the clumps for me.
• I did best with 2 coats, applied immediately together without any drying in between.
• Have a lash brush handy!

Once applied correctly it does a good job of lengthening and volumizing. The day I took these pics I was at work, so I applied about 6:30 am and nightly pics were at 9:30 pm or so. The mascara looked perfect until about 8:30, so the 9:30 after everything starts to disappear isn’t entirely accurate. 14 hours of good lashes is a success in my book.

Would I buy this mascara in the future? I probably would, now that I have the tricks of application down. Prior to that, I would have said no. Now I get great volume, a bit of added length and it looks great.

You can buy L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara at Amazon, Target or ULTA.

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  1. 11.15.11
    Kelly said:

    I was at CVS today looking for a new mascara and it was between this one and Rimmel's Sexy Lashes. The only reason why I didn't buy this one was bc I've bought a few L'Oreal Mascara's in the past, and remembering not being impressed with them. So I went with Rimmel (plus it was cheaper) lol. I haven't tried it yet, but if I dont like it Im gonna back and get this one. Sounds like a good mascara besides the practice you have to do to get it right.
    Thanks for the review, it was really helpful!!

  2. 11.15.11
    Emma said:

    It looks pretty great! Thanks for the review.

  3. 11.15.11
    Courtney said:

    I honestly wouldn't buy this. The best mascaras are those that don't require much brushing afterwards.

  4. 11.16.11
    Jill said:

    I tried this mascara and must say I am not impressed. I prefer Loreal's "Bare Naturale" mascara. Even though it doesn't make my lashes appear thicker, it's the only one I've found that doesn't clump. It feels like it might have some type of oil in it. I'd be curious to know if others have tried the Bare Naturale mascara by Loreal and what they think of it.

  5. 12.11.11
    Anonymous said:

    Thank you for the review. In a couple of hours I'm heading to Walmart and was planning on picking up this mascara. Thanks to your review, I'll save myself from wasting money.

  6. 6.11.13
    Kristen said:

    I was on the hunt for the Voluminous Million Lashes DIAMOND at Ulta, but they did not have it and I ended up getting this one instead.. I'm the type of person who buys mascara "because Drew Barrymore said so", but I saw a review of this elsewhere and decided to try it out.
    It's honestly one of the best for my type of lashes. I wiggle the wand JUST at the base to get the bristles in between my lashes, and then sweep it straight up. My lashes stick straight out naturally.. After a quick curl and a very light layer of this mascara, my eyes look open and completely different!