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How to Use Dry Shampoo Without a White Mess

Wow, I can’t believe it is Sunday already! Things have been a bit… crazy? Around my parts? There’s a major family illness, my baby has the stomach flu, which she thoughtfully shared with Daddy…. yeah… Things are still ongoing.

In apologies for my absence, I have 2 things for you. First, head over to Pammy Blogs Beauty, because I’ve been obsessively revamping her blog this week, rather than posting over here. Things are still a bit of a work in progress (some buttons, that background, etc) but most of it is done.

Next, here is one of the 2 posts I had planned for Friday. Yes, 2 days ago Friday. I’ve been obsessed with dry shampoo since my daughter was born, and I’m finally posting about it! Tomorrow I’ll share my favorite Dry Shampoo picks and maybe I’ll manage to post a pic of my manicure! I have the new Zoyas and China Glazes- to die for!

dry shampoo without white residue mess

Do you wonder how to use dry shampoo correctly? Do you always get a white residue mess? It turns out there is a right way to use dry shampoo! You should spray your hair about 6-10 inches away, right at the roots of your hair. I spray to about an inch out from the roots, much further out and it will add a lot of texture, great for updos! I let the dry shampoo sit in my hair for 5-10 minutes, then brush through. The result is hair that is no longer greasy, has more volume and no white residue!

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  1. 1.16.12

    New follower here! I have recently become a huge fan of dry shampoo. I have only tried Suave Professionals though, so I look forward to seeing what your opinion is on the best brand! Feel free to visit my brand new beauty blog if you have time.

    Jenny from ModernModestBeauty.blogspot.com

  2. 1.16.12
    Jean said:

    First off, Pammy's blog looks great. I really like the new layout. I also tried the Suave Professionals dry shampoo. It was great and hope to also test this brand. Love your posts, always entertaining and creative! Jean

  3. 1.16.12

    Your review totally made me lol this morning! šŸ™‚ I *heart* dry shampoo and this brand's in particular! I even packed when I went to the hopital to have the baby! Dry shampoos allow me to (sometimes) get one more day before shampooing. Plus, they give Fab volume and disquise my roots a bit (sometimes that white cast is "good"!). I always spray some in my hair if I want to pull it up. On another note, I just love logging into my blog and seeing what new suprises you have in store for me! You have rocked out this re-design. Thank you so much! Hugs!!!

  4. 1.17.12

    Nice post! I don't like washing my hair everyday so dry shampoo is a must for me too. I never 'did' the waiting step so thanks for the tip!

  5. 1.17.12
    Christine said:

    That waiting step makes a big difference for me! Without it, I can tell the product is in my hair, but I'm still oily and usually have a white sheen. With it…. exactly the opposite! You really only need about 5 min, but I put in my dry shampoo then head over to my vanity to do my makeup, then back to the sink area (yes, I'm blessed with 2 counter areas) to do my hair. Usually about 10 minutes or so.

  6. 1.18.12

    After reading this I went out and got my first dry shampoo: I loved it!