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Winter Skin Recovery: Dove DermaSeries Review

dove derma series skin care review and results

Despite all of my best efforts, the harsh winter has taken a toll on my skin. I’ve been using my moisturizer faithfully, have turned down the temperature in my shower, and still my skin is dry and itchy. So when Dove asked if I would collaborate with them to test out their Dove DermaSeries products. This line is geared specifically toward dry skin and relief of eczema symptoms. This sounded perfect for my dry, itchy skin!

Dry skin before using dove derma

It’s hard to tell in this picture (ok, it was hard to tell in all pictures), but my skin has been looking a bit… desert-ish. Dry and lackluster. And to be honest, sometimes red from my itching.

I’ve been using the Dry Skin Relief Body Wash and Expert Repairing Balm, and so far they have definitely made a difference!

The Body Wash is interesting, because it feels (and looks) like a body lotion. But you just need a little bit and it creates a nice lather, gently washing my skin without stripping it of all moisture. I was surprised that the body wash came in a smaller bottle than usual, but you need so little that this size is fine.

I had really high expectations for the Expert Repairing Balm, and I have to say that it is living up to all of them! This product is petroleum jelly based and meant to be used on your driest areas. Which Dove thinks should be your elbows, knees, hands and cuticles for example. For me, I’m using this stuff everywhere, and I love it! Yes, it is a little bit greasy, but not as much as similar balms. It feels amazing on dry skin as you apply, and I swear my skin doesn’t feel greasy afterwards.

I’ve been using the products for 7 days now, but I will be sharing my progress with the products for the next few weeks over on Instagram in my stories! Make sure you follow along!

You can find Dove DermaSeries products at Target!

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