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StriVectin SD Sensitive: Anti-Aging Skin Care for those Prone to Redness

StriVectin SD Sensitive: Anti-Aging Skin Care for those Prone to Redness
Whether it’s true or not, a pretty large percentage of women believe they have sensitive skin. Redness, irritation… not so much fun.

Sensitive skin is prone to redness and irritation, both of which can lead to inflammation. Which is not only uncomfortable and can look horrible, but can lead to faster aging. Yes, faster aging. Ironically, these are the same women that then have problems using many anti-aging skin care products due to that same sensitivity.

To help out the sensitive skin crowd, StriVectin has created a second version of their new StriVectin SD. This new version has removed fragrances, oils and potentially irritating ingredients from the formula. Still in the tube? NIA-114, peptides and anti-oxidants. So, lots of anti-aging punch!

I’ve previously posted about all the technology packed into StriVectin SD. If you’re curious, read about it here. All of the same ingredients are in this new, sensitive skin version, and in the same amounts.

StriVectin actually went to the trouble of repeating many of their clinical studies in women with sensitive skin. Including the skin biopsies! They found very similar results regarding collagen building, increased cell turnover and improved discoloration in the sensitive skin users.

I’ve been using StriVectin SD Sensitive for a few months now (though truthfully I’ve been using it this time on my pregnancy induced stretch marks, not my face), and have really liked it. The cream is white and feels a little hydrating, I don’t notice any smell and it sinks in right away. Overall, pretty much the exact same experience as using the non-sensitive SD formula. So, that’s a good thing.

StriVectin has created a sensitivity quiz! Head over to the StriVectin Facebook Page to take the quiz and find out how sensitive your skin is.


I’m a StriVectin Insider, which means I get samples to test and can hold great contests. I have signed no contracts with StriVectin and can say whatever I want about the products. I also do not get paid. Read more about it here.

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