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A New Mom’s Best Friend: Make Up For Ever Uplight

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I think one of the first signs that I haven’t been completely adhering to a good skin care routine, or getting enough sleep, is my lack of “glow”. You know, that indescribable something that makes us look… glowy? And healthy? Just pretty. I lose mine pretty easily. I like to fake it with a nearly translucent but lightly tinted powder (I’m thinking of a MAC Beauty Powder here), and then go over that with a faintly shimmery powder. The glow is pretty convincingly faked with this routine.

The problem is that it takes 2 products to fake the glow that way. And I don’t usually have time for 2 full products. Especially when applying either one with a slightly too heavy hand will look fake and like I’m trying too hard. Time for something a tad more foolproof.

Make Up For Ever’s new Uplight is pretty perfect for faking the glow. There are 3 different finishes: Dewy, Pearly and Sparkling. They are all very subtle and reflect light to increase luminosity. There are 8 different shades, so you can easily select a shade that works with your skin tone (I used #11, Dewy Pink Beige). The uplight is a light lotion that can be used alone, mixed in with your foundation or even over it. The color isn’t noticeable on me, and neither is the “dewy” bit of it. But I do look… glowy when I use it.

So, one little pump in my tinted moisturizer or foundation is all I need to do now to fake glowy. That’s a little less time in front of the mirror each morning!

Make Up For Ever

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  1. 4.10.11
    eGarrison said:

    Sounds amazing! You must have been reading my mind 🙂 This is exactly the kind of product I need as a busy mom of 3 kids (4 and under)! Glow? That was gone years ago!

  2. 4.11.11

    Oh wow! These sound amazing Christine! I am *totally needing* some extra oomph and glow after being sick with bronchitis. These look really great!!! Thanks for the review!!! P.S. Love the re-design of the banner and the white background! Very clean design! Love it!!! 🙂

  3. 4.11.11
    Sana_A said:

    Oh lovely product! I think I like the pinkish shade. I would like to have a pink sheen as a high-lighter. Love this post!
    Please follow my blog!:)


  4. 4.11.11

    Ooh you read my mind. These look amazing don't they? I want every single one.


  5. 4.21.11

    Love ur blog….. Please follow me I'd love feed back and supporters http://britters89.blogspot.com/