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Real Techniques Brushes Review: Great Makeup Brushes from Pixi Woo!

Real Techniques Brushes, review
Recently I shared the launch of the new Real Techniques website. I mentioned that Sam had created a line of makeup brushes that would soon be available on-line and at ULTA here in the States. I’ve now had a chance to try out the brushes, read on to see what I thought.

Here’s a closer look at the brushes. Over all, I really loved these brushes. They’re made out of Taklon and are cruelty free, but don’t feel like most cruelty free brushes I’ve used in the past. You haven’t heard about those ones. They were scratchy and made my blush look all blotchy. Not these ones. They are soft, pick up color nicely and are perfect for blending. The handles are aluminum and most of the larger brushes are made to stand up as seen in my top picture. There are also quite a few sets to check out, which come in hand cases for travel or setting them up on your vanity.

I did think the brushes were a bit large for me (this duo is the Powder Brush and Blush Brush, by the way). Though, I think that is a personal preference thing. I seem to like a smaller powder brush and I prefer my blush brush to just fit on the apple of my cheek.

So, I’ve been using the powder blush to apply my MAC Beauty Powder in a very light veil over my face (makes me look not dead) and the blush for my Tarte Shimmering Powder as a highlighter over that (makes me glowy). Absolute perfection. The result is flawless without any blotchy/uneven application issues and the brushes feel amazing against my skin.

The next time I’m at ULTA I’m already planning to pick up the Eyes Starter Set.

Pixiwoo and Pixiwoo on Youtube
Real Techniques
Real Techniques at ULTA

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  1. 4.11.11
    Anna said:

    These brushes seem very interesting. The prices aren't bad and the travel kit looks so convenient…
    Oh no, this is so tempting! 🙂

  2. 4.12.11
    eGarrison said:

    I love your blog, and decided to award you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my post for more details on this award, and how to share it with others!

  3. 4.12.11
    Mara said:

    I'm glad you like them. I just ordered the set of face brushes (the Core Collection, maybe?) and have high hopes for them. Thanks for the review.

  4. 4.12.11

    These blushes look amazing! I like that the big ones stand on their ends. Very cool!