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A Cure for Split Ends? I Check Out Nexxus ProMend

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We all hate split ends. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on your hair, only to have the ends split and make you look like an unkempt derelict. The real way to get rid of them is to cut them off. Over, and over and over… It’d be great to save a trip to the stylist’s chair and preserve a little hair length, wouldn’t it? Especially if it didn’t even add a single step to your daily routine to do so?

Well, Nexxus promises to fix those split ends with their new ProMend line. Read on to find out how it works and if it worked.

According to Nexxus, this is how the product works:

ProMend Technology contains a unique complex of positively and negatively charged polymers, which first stick to negatively charged hair and then stick to each other to help bind ends back together. The result –damaged ends are transformed into healthy hair that looks and feels freshly cut.

To help you understand this, I’ve created this highly technical drawing in MS Paint a’la Hyperbole and a Half, the funniest blog ever. (Ok, not really, I used Photoshop. Way more expensive, but looks just as silly. Go me!) Anyways, the polymers (basically they are chemical fibers) stick onto your hair and themselves, creating a little mesh that holds the split ends together. I don’t think the hair is completely back to the correct location (hence, I made it still look like some ends were sticking out), and the split end isn’t actually corrected. It’s held in place to be less noticeable and less prone to further damage. You only need 1 ProMend product to start creating this meshwork, but using a few products together will create more mesh and it will be stronger. Over time, you’ll create more mesh.

The mesh does work great. On my first washing, I could definitely see a difference in my hair. My split ends were nearly gone, I was in heaven! My hair was easy to style, still had volume and still felt soft. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get in for a hair cut for about 3 weeks, so I kept using the Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner until then. I think I used it too long. My hair started to feel stiff and straw-like. I could tell there was something on it and it was nearly impossible to style.

When I finally made it in to get a cut, Luis felt my hair and said “what on earth are you using??” During my cut, he used his scissors to scrap off a little residue (which he says to not attempt at home by the way, it can be pretty damaging). You can see what came off onto his previously completely clean scissors in my special iPhone pic above. It felt like wax and was very sticky, and it was all over my head. Gross.

So, I think overall the moral of the story is that ProMend does work to hold together your split ends. They’ll be much less noticeable. But, you should only use it for a short period of time before you head in for a trim. Then switch to your regular products again, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

Nexxus ProMend

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  1. 4.14.11

    Ooh I couldn't cope with the residue on my hair – it sounds good for a quick fix rather than a solution though 🙂