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Pregnancy Safe Products from Dr. Hauschka

Pregnancy Safe Products from Dr. Hauschka

Pregnancy safe beauty products can be super difficult and confusing. I have an entire guide devoted to what products are safe to use while pregnant including information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe skincare products. The list has gotten so large that I’ve decided to start listing brands in their own individual posts.

Here you’ll find pregnancy safe products from Dr. Hauschka as of 8/12/2020. If it is not safe, I’ll tell you why. All of the products meet my pregnancy safe criteria. If they release a new product that is not listed here, please comment below and I will add it. Note I will link to every product directly to avoid confusion. You’ll know exactly which product I mean.

Please refer to my post on pregnancy safe makeup, where I explain why you don’t need to worry about your mascara, powders, eyeliners, brow products, etc. I do not review these products.

How to Request a Product Review

I try to review all of the products that I can when I publish a list. Note, I am in the US and I only have access to US products. Please don’t be rude if I skipped your favorite cleanser, when items are out of stock sometimes they aren’t on the brand’s site, or maybe you are in Asia and I am in the US.

I reserve the comments on each post for reviews of product from that brand, this makes it easier for others to find products later. Please only ask about Dr. Hauschka on this post, I will delete other product questions. You can find other brands here. If your brand is not included, please ask on the brand list post.

Which hair products do you need to worry about?

Technically, none. Most OBs will tell you not to worry about any hair products. Your hair is a dead protein, and it can not absorb anything. It’s amazing how pregnancy brain can take over and we forget that simple fact!

Personally, I screened products that would sit on my scalp for a few minutes (aka- shampoos, scrubs, etc). My thought process was that those products would be similar to a face wash, even if washed off right away it sits there for a bit. So, on this list you’ll find products that sit on your scalp. This is shampoo, scalp treatments and root styling products. Other styling products should just be on the hair shaft, and if you’re worried about sprays being inhaled, I recommend holding your breath while you spray and then step away a few feet.

Pregnancy and Nursing Safe Products from Dr. Hauschka

Almond Soothing Body Cream
Birch Arnica Energizing Body Oil
Blackthorn Toning Body Oil
Clarifying Clay Mask (at DermStore)
Clarifying Intensive Treatment (under 25)
Clarifying Intensive Treatment  (over 25)
Clarifying Steam Bath (at DermStore)
Clarifying Toner (at DermStore)
Cleansing Cream (at DermStore)
Daily Hydrating Eye Cream (at DermStore)
Deodorizing Foot Cream (at DermStore)
Eye Balm (at DermStore)
Eye Crayon Duo
Eye Make-up Remover
Eye Revive
Facial Toner (at DermStore)
Firming Mask
Hydrating Cream Mask (at DermStore)
Intensive Treatment for Menopausal Skin
Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Bath Essence
Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Milk
Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Oil (at DermStore)
Lip Care Stick (at DermStore)
Lip Line Definer
Lip Liner
Melissa Day Cream (at DermStore)
Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence
Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil (at DermStore)
Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil (at DermStore)
Night Serum
Quince Day Cream (at DermStore)
Quince Hydrating Body Milk
Regenerating Hand Cream
Regenerating Intensive Treatment (at DermStore)
Regenerating Serum (at DermStore)
Renewing Night Conditioner (at DermStore)
Revitalizing Leg & Arm Tonic (at DermStore)
Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Tonic (at DermStore)
Revitalizing Mask (at DermStore)
Rose Day Cream (at DermStore)
Rose Day Cream Light (at DermStore)
Rose Deodorant (at DermStore)
Rose Nurturing Bath Essence (at DermStore)
Rose Nurturing Body Oil (at DermStore)
Sage Mint Deodorant (at DermStore)
Sage Purifying Bath Essence
Sensitive Care Conditioner (at DermStore)
Soothing Cleansing Milk (at DermStore)
Soothing Intensive Treatment
Spruce Warming Bath Essence
Stone Pine Sea Salt Cleansing Gel
Strengthening Hair Treatment (at DermStore)
Tinted Day Cream (at DermStore)

Not Safe for Pregnancy, Ok for Nursing

Clarifying Day Oil (at DermStore): Salicylate
Concealer: Salicylate
Foundation: Salicylate
Hayflower Cardamom Cleansing Lotion: Salicylate
Hydrating Hand Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Hydrating Foot Cream: Salicylate
Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Light Reflecting Concealer: Salicylate
Lip Balm (at DermStore): Salicylate
Lip Gloss: Salicylate
Lipstick: Salicylate
Liquid Lip Colour: Salicylate
Regenerating Body Cream: Salicylate
Regenerating Day Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Regenerating Day Cream Complexion: Salicylate
Regenerating Day Cream Intensive (at DermStore): Salicylate
Regenerating Eye Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Regenerating Oil Serum Intensive (at DermStore): Salicylate
Revitalizing Day Cream (at DermStore): Salicylate
Rose Nurturing Body Cream (at DermStore):  Salicylate
Sheer Lipstick: Salicylate
Soothing Mask: Salicylate
Translucent Bronzing Tint: Salicylate

Not Safe for Pregnancy or Nursing

Note I’m including products with retinoids here, as those are a bit iffy. It depends on how conservative you want to be while nursing (still absolutely contraindicated while pregnant). Refer to my post on ingredients to avoid while nursing for more discussion.

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  1. 12.15.20
    Jinny said:

    I would like to ask about Dr.Hauschka MED products.
    Are they safe for pregnancy or nursing?

    Ingredients Dr. Hauschka Ice Plant Intensive Cream
    Aqua, Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum Juice, Persea Gratissima Oil, Glycerin, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Lanolin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Bentonite, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil, Lysolecithin, Glyceryl Oleate, Xanthan Gum.
    Ingredients Dr. Hauschka Potentilla Soothing Cream
    Aqua, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Alcohol, Glycerin, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Potentilla Erecta Root Extract, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Distearate, Xanthan Gum, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract.
    Thank you for answering my question.

    • 12.15.20
      Christine said:

      Both are ok for pregnancy and nursing

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