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Fixing the Unruly: Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil

Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil

Lately I’ve been obsessed with no heat curls. Every night I’m rolling my hair a different way, experimenting with direction, tightness of rolls, and products. While I’ve had varied results, some days my hair is just wavy and some mornings I’ve woken up to look like Shirley Temple, I’ve discovered something about my hair. Without something smoothing, it will add frizz and look like an unruly disaster.

So, there’s been one constant in all of my nightly hair experiments: Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil. I’ve been adding it to my hair routine at two different points, and it has made a big difference in my results!

First, I’m using the oil on my hair when it is still wet. I apply it as the first product, 1 pump to midshaft down through the ends. I comb it through well with a wide tooth comb and then move on to other products like mousse.

Second, I reapply Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil to dry hair whenever I need to tame it down. I pump a small amount (about 1/2 pump) into the palm of my hand and distribute it on my palms before smoothing it through the ends of my hair. The oil is interesting, because the only way I know that I’ve applied anything is that my hair suddenly looks much better! It goes from frizzy and unruly to shinier, my frizz disappears and it looks healthier. I can reapply if needed, and it will not look oily!

Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil Review
Here’s a quick before and after with using the oil on dry hair. Note, this is day 2 hair and I have the oil in my hair already from drying and styling the day before. On the left, my hair is shiny, but the ends are a bit dry and not polished. After I’ve smoothed about 1/2 pump of the oil through my hair (the only difference), my hair is definitely shinier, my ends don’t look dry and it looks like I spent a lot more time on my hair than I did.

Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil Ingredients
While the ingredients list looks pretty similar to other hair oils, I like that it starts with Cyclopentasiloxane rather than other, heavier silicones. This one does the job but also feels smoother and isn’t as heavy. If you look further down the ingredient list you’ll find 6 oils blended in including Amazonian Babassu Oil which is a rich emollient and African Marula Oil. The other oils are Buriti, Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Sunflower Oils.

I’m using this oil every day on my hair now. What’s your must have go-to hair product?

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