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Get the Look: Elie Tahari’s Perfectly Tousled Waves

At home perfectly tousled wavy hair

Yeah…. this model pretty much has my dream hair. (Minus the color, blonde hair makes me look washed out, I have accepted this and moved on.) These are the perfect waves and curls, they look polished, fresh and not over done.

It’s shiny, healthy looking, has great volume and just enough wave in it. The look was created by Joey George for Oribe, with the idea being a “futuristic nomadic girl in the desert.” (I don’t see it either.) What I do see is hair that showed off the natural waves and texture of each model’s hair, and in some instances they added a little more wave.

At home perfectly tousled wavy hair

1. Hair was prepped with Foundation Mist from roots to ends until hair is damp. For thicker, coarser hair Royal Heat Styling Spray was added.

2. Hair was dried with a diffuser to encourage texture and waves.

3. Once dried, the hair was curled with a large curling iron to create irregular waves.

4. The curls were broken up into waves using hands and then misted with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray.

At home perfectly tousled wavy hair

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