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Stila Stay All Day Bronzer For Face & Body Review

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer For Face & Body and Wonder Brush Review

I’m a pale girl. I long ago embraced this, and my complete inability to get a tan. I don’t get red but I do get clumps of freckles that aren’t cute. They make me look dirty. So, I (somewhat) shun the sun. I hang out in the shade, I wear sunscreen daily, and I own a couple of great sun hats.

Despite my sun shunning, I do manage to get a little bit of color in the summer. I don’t usually notice it until the end of the summer, when it starts to fade and I miss it! So, it’s a great time to use a little bit of bronzer to keep my sunkissed glow.

This year I’m using the Stila Stay All Day Bronzer, in light it is just the right golden shade for my skin.

Stila Stay All Day Bronzer For Face & Body Before and After

So, yes, there is a very, very subtle difference between these two pictures (though it is a bit more obvious in person). Which is kind of the point. It just gives me a little bit of a lift, a bit more glow. Which is just what I need to stretch out summer a bit longer! It blends well, is not orange and is the perfect bronzer for my pale skin!

You can buy Stila Stay All Day Bronzer For Face & Body at Stila or Sephora

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