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Must Have Products: IT Cosmetics

Must have makeup from IT CosmeticsIT Cosmetics was just named a finalist for the 2013 CEW Beauty Awards, they’re up for Indie Beauty!

This is a brand that somewhat randomly popped up on to my radar about 18 months ago, and while they aren’t exactly flashy, they have a lot of basic products that really just work really well! Some of their products do incorporate more “advanced” technology (they have a multiple use product and a lip stick that both change color once applied), though I’ve found that their more basic products are just amongst the best I’ve used.

1. Bye Bye Under Eye: This is one of my go-to under eye concealers! It’s super pigmented, and while $24 sounds like a lot for concealer, just know that it lasts forever. Really, forever… If you buy it over on QVC for $5 more you can get it with a concealer brush. I’m definitely getting that one next! I currently wear “neutral medium”, but it is a tad too dark, I’ll be getting light when I repurchase. If I ever run out.

2. Hello Light Powder Illuminizer: This is a lightly golden illuminator and it just catches the light perfectly, without looking too shimmery or emphasizing any “imperfections” (**cough cough**). I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it yet, I use it a few times a week. Definitely a great buy! (Also, for a few bucks more over on QVC you can get the Radiance Brush too. You need that.)

3. Vitality Lip Flush Butter: Another product I have to review. There are 3, I have them all and can’t figure out which is my favorite. They have color, but it is a bit more translucent than a lipstick while being more pigmented than the other lip butters out there right now. All 3 shades are very universal, you pretty much can’t go wrong.

4. Brow Power: This is my new favorite brow product! It easily displaced the Anastasia I was using before. This comes in a twist pencil, so there’s no sharpening, it’s super easy to just quickly pencil in my brows and then run the brush end over my brows. It sticks around all day and is enough color without being “too much”. It seems to only come in 1 universal shade, and it works really well for my brown brows, I’m not sure about other shades.

5. Brushes: OMG, the brushes. I want them all (except I want to take the 2 headed ones and make them all singles. How does one store those except laying down??) the bristles are soft, I love the shapes and sizes, and they seem pick up just the right amount of product.

IT Cosmetics
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  1. 4.10.13

    Just wait until you try the Hello Light Creme Illuminator!!!! It totally blew my mind & I was so excited to review it! Game changer!

  2. 4.11.13

    I'm ccccrazy about IT Cosmetics. Their brushes are so soft. Everything is cruelty free. Great company and you picked 5 perfect products.

  3. 4.11.13

    They have a new CC Cream out with a good amount of coverage. I may buy that one too.

  4. 4.12.13
    Jennifer said:

    I love bye bye under eye also! I have the brush, which I love, but my fingers seems to work better. maybe I am using the fluffy end of the brush incorrectly cuz it seems to wipe the product off…?
    I wish they would seek the baby buki brush that comes with redness removing cream (QVC exclusive) separately. It seems like it could be really useful for large areas you want to conceal. does anyone know if that may happen?

  5. 4.12.13
    soonermom said:

    I've only tried their Bye Bye Pores and I LOVE it! And the brush is heavenly! I'm dying to try more from this brand!

  6. 4.12.13

    I haven't tried that one, I'll need to check it out! They have all of these amazing brushes and so many come with their QVC sets. I wish they would sell them separately on their website!

  7. 4.12.13
    Amber said:

    I haven't tried this brand before, but they are really on my radar now! I've got to try some of your favorites and the redness removing cream Marcia review at BIZ!

  8. 4.12.13
    Deb said:

    Hi Christine,
    They do make another version of the brow power….it's a 5-in-1. It comes in other colors and I got it a short while back in the auburn. As a redhead, it's hard to find brow products. This one is fantastic! Great natural looking color, stays in place, and lasts all day. And the bye bye redness….pure genius! It's the product I have been looking for for years and it has replaced every single face product in my collection. For the readers with redness issues, I highly recommend this product.

  9. 4.12.13

    @Deb- I'll have to look around for the other colors, I thought I had seen other colors a few months ago, but they only have 1 on their site now! I wish I had an Auburn, it would be better with my hair.

    After all the talk in this thread, I'm definitely picking up Bye Bye Redness! I found a compact of Bye Bye Pores in my stash that I didn't know I had, loving it so far!

  10. 4.12.13
    Deb said:

    Here it is on their website:


    It's not the exact same product as you mention in your post. It's just another version of the brow power in pencil form. It really is good.

  11. 4.12.13

    Oh, I've seen that one, but I hate sharpening. LOL I am lazy! The auburn is good though, huh? I guess I'm going to learn to unlazy myself! Thanks Deb!

  12. 4.14.13
    Holly said:

    I'm glad to see that you picked up on the IT brand! I've been using the Vitality Lip Flush Butter for a little over a year now, and love the moisturizing effect I get from it. I had issues with regular lipstick drying out my lips in winter (I live in a cold climate) but the Vitality moisturizes and still looks super hot! If you haven't tried it yet, please get some and try it out!