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Murad Skin Smoothing Polish Review

Murad Skin Smoothing Polish Review

I don’t feature very many facial scrubs on 15 Minute Beauty. I’m super picky about them, have you noticed? I used to loooooove to scrub my face with a scrub, almost any face scrub would do. I’d rub until I was red and smooth, I loved it!

Then, one day in medical school (during our 2 week dermatology component), the doctor threw a very close up picture of skin up onto the screen. The skin had big ruts in it. They were cuts in the skin from sharp facial scrub. They mentioned the name of the scrub used (you know, the Apricot one everyone uses at some point? Yes, that one.) I went home and threw away 2 tubes of that same scrub.

Since that time, I’ve been incredibly picky about scrubs. I usually opt for a peel over a scrub (at least, when I’m not pregnant), and if I do let a scrub near my face, I have a lot of criteria. First, the scrub must have evenly shaped grit, that is round and not at all sharp. There needs to be quite a bit of grit, I want to know that I’m exfoliating evenly. And I want to be able to rinse it off easily.

So, it probably comes as no surprise that I’ve probably recommended about 5 facial scrubs total, some of which are no longer made. Well, here is number 6!

Murad’s new scrub (well, Skin Smoothing Polish) is pretty great. It has just the right amount of grit, you can exfoliate evenly but the scrub is still loose enough to easily spread on your face. The grit is small, not at all sharp and very evenly sized. It’s pretty much perfect. There is a little bit of a smell, but it is pleasant and it is so mild that I can’t even really describe it to you. It just isn’t completely unscented.

For me, this is a great scrub! It is gentle and the exfoliation is even and doesn’t damage my skin when I use it. I think when using a scrub like this you still need to be careful. The goal isn’t pink/red skin, it is to gently wash your face and just lightly exfoliate it. This scrub is perfect for that.

You can buy Murad Skin Smoothing Polish at Nordstrom, Sephora or ULTA
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