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Red, Red, Go Away? L’Oreal BB Magic Anti-Redness Review

L'Oreal BB Magic Anti-Redness Primer Serum review

Yes, that really is a green BB cream. And I tried it. And kind of liked it.

The whole idea behind this product is color correction. Yes, using green (and yellow, though that doesn’t work as well as green) on your face will “cancel” any redness. (Read more about color correction makeup.)

I do have some redness, I have rosacea and I have good days and bad days. I’m hesitant to seek anything “more” for my rosacea since I’m about 30 weeks pregnant, and when I’m not pregnant I’m under great control. Instead, I’m going to suck it up and see what happens after I deliver. So, I’m all about color correction!

The great thing about color correcting is that it cancels out your problem color, and in return you get to use a lot less traditional coverage product, whether that is concealer, foundation or regular BB Cream. It’s great! However, you really should only color correct in the problem areas. It’s pretty easy to turn your whole face green!

Green drugstore makeup primer

The interesting thing about this color corrector is that the light lotion comes out of the tube green, but as you rub it in, it turns into a more skin tone color (yes, it is much too dark to be a good color match for me). However, it still color corrects! It is magic.

So, I put a small pump of this green lotion on the back of my hand, then lightly dot it where I have redness. I rub it around and it becomes more skin toned, and my redness goes away. Because it is a bit darker than my skin, I cover it up with something else (usually foundation or concealer, but whatever I’m using that day works). My redness is gone for the rest of the day. It’s pretty good for larger areas that need to be corrected, I would stick with a thicker correcting concealer for smaller problem areas.

You can buy this primer at Amazon, Target or ULTA
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