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Long Lasting Curls: A Hair Curling Tutorial and ISO Hair Wand Review

Long Lasting Curls: A Hair Curling Tutorial
A few days ago, when I posted about how I do my eyebrows, PinkPirate asked how I had curled my hair. I’ve had pictures taken for a review and tutorial for a while, I just needed to finally get going and put the post together!

There are two ways that I curl my hair. The first is detailed in my Easy Beachy Curls Tutorial. I prep my hair, curl it all over with my BeachWaver. I love the BeachWaver because I can adjust the temperature and the auto-curl button is very easy. The BeachWaver waves last for days and need minimal touch up. But, the curls can be a bit too tight (I wish the barrel was about 1/2 inch bigger), so they look best as next day hair. In addition, due to the size of the curls, I can’t really use the BeachWaver for touchup. I need a bigger curl for the look I want.

Recently, the nice people from ISO Beauty sent me their 5 Piece Curling Iron Set to review. Since it arrived at my house, I’ve been in love with this product! It’s basically a clipless curling iron, execept that it has 5 different wands to use with it! I’ve been using the wand for curling all over my head and for occasional touch ups.

ISO 5 Piece Curling Iron SetThe curling wand set comes with 5 different interchangeable wands, which I love! They are Tourmaline and once changed out on the barrel they feel very stable, not like it was added on. I love the option of changing to a different size, definitely a space and time saver.

Interchangeable curling wand with different sizes includedSizes included:
32 mm
25 mm
19 mm
18-25 mm
9-18 mm

In order to change out the wand, you need to press the buttons on the top and bottom at the same time and pull. It’s not hard, but it isn’t exactly easy either. I haven’t tried this when the wand is hot, but it’s hard enough when it is cool that I really wouldn’t recommend doing it until everything has cooled off. So, pick a size for the day and stick with it! I’ve mostly been using the 32 mm and 25 mm sizes.

The controls are very easy to use. Turn it on, adjust the temp as needed. I’m usually about 400 degrees.

How to use a curling wand for long lasting curlsHere’s a quick peek at the products I use for long lasting curls. I’ve been really loving the hold from about an egg size amount of Italy Hair Fashion’s mousse. I also add in a few sprays of the L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray (adds shine and heat protection).

After I’m done curling, a little spritz of Elnett is all I need. (And yes, somehow that little bit of Elnett does make a big difference, without it my hair is straight faster.) This is my current favorite trio of products, whether I’m using my BeachWaver or the clipless curling iron.

Hair curling DIYSo, it is really easy to use the curling wand. I hold it upside down, just grab some hair, curl it around and hold for about 10 seconds or so, then release. You have a lot of control over the curls since you’re the one wrapping your hair and you pick which rod to use (I think this is the 32 mm size pictured). I generally like bigger curls, hence the larger rods and bigger chunks of hair. Make sure you wear the heat protection glove!

 how to curl your hair with a clipless curling ironIn these pictures, on the left I have 1 day old hair that was curled with the BeachWaver and the front parts were touched up with the clipless curling iron (really, those are the main curls that you see, they are from the 25 mm rod). On the right I’ve done more random sections with the 32 mm rod, so things are a bit more natural and casual.

ISO Beauty
Product Sent for Review

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  1. 4.22.13

    That is genius!!

  2. 4.22.13

    That is genius!!

  3. 4.22.13

    I LOVE the second photo with the cascading curls. My hair's not long enough for that effect, sadly, and my stylist agrees that the texture and fragility of my hair just won't allow me to. But I just got a clipless curler and can't wait to try it! I wish I had known there was one you could switch out sizes on, I would have purchased it instead.

    BTW I am a CRNA and also insist on knowing the science behind skin care, especially sunscreen ingredients. Nice to get info from another woman with a science background who looks at both ingredients and personal experience with any given product. I read tons of Paula Begoun's stuff, she often cites (real) studies related to her formulations.

  4. 4.23.13

    @Kim Isn't it's great that someone made a set with different sizes?? This should have come out years ago!

    @PinkPirate I'm glad you saw the post! My hair is pretty long and it isn't quite as cascading as I would like. And yeah for CRNAs!!! I spent a lot of time with CRNAs in my critical care training. 😀

  5. 4.23.13

    Oh Christine I'm glad you are pro-CRNA. So many physicians aren't (esp anesthesiologists of course!). I find that most other specialties are fine with us. I do NOT do sick kids – I do circ revisions, tonsils, nothing big! They scare the bejesus out of me. Sorry to swing so far off topic! Anyway I need a hairstyle that looks OK after a day of being crushed in my cap! Curls might be it.

  6. 4.23.13

    I have to be honest, when I was a PICU fellow, my first month was anesthesia. I purposefully spent all of my time with the CRNAs, the anesthesia residents were scary! They cut too many corners, weren't fun and easy going and weren't paying attention to things. I had surgery twice later that year (not at my hospital), but I requested to have a CRNA both times! The CRNAs were smart, fun to be around and really paid so much more attention to their patients. I think a lot of it was likely the hospital's culture (our anesthesia at my current hospital is very good and we mostly have MDs), but it really made quite the impression! I'm very pro-CRNA!

  7. 4.23.13

    And I am going to ask for the BeachWaver for my bday.

  8. 4.23.13

    Did you flatiron or blow your hair straight before starting? It looks really smooth. I am useless with a dryer and round brush, but my instyler would smooth things out.

  9. 4.24.13

    I usually just dry it straight and then curl it, the curling seems to be enough to straighten it out.

  10. 4.25.13
    Rachel said:

    Thanks for this post! I can't get on with clipless curling but I might go try out the BeachWaver – never known to have curls that last for days. Not since my bad 80's permanent wave!!

  11. 4.28.13

    Gorgeous big curls. I like the biggest barrel I can find, or I like jumbo hot rollers. I have to get used to wearing my hair down more. I am hugely into clipping the front part back, so it doesn't go in my face.

  12. 4.28.13

    I just saw what you said about CRNAs! That's really funny. Culture is everything. Most CRNAs I know have great bedside manner and and are VERY detail oriented. In a teaching hospital I always recommend friends to request a CRNA, if they exist, because you might otherwise get the first year resident and no one want that!

  13. 5.14.13
    dori said:

    Nice big curls….I like your style…well done. I would like to try it one day though my hair is very fine and frizzy

  14. 2.27.14

    Have you tried Karmin clipless? is amazing, I just got it last week and I`m so happy with my new curling iron 🙂

  15. 5.29.19
    Maia said:

    I prefer my Karmin curler is great.