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Until You Can Get A Trim: Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender Review

Living Proof Fresh Cut Split End Mender Review

Almost a month ago, I received a box from Living Proof. A split end mender. Hmmm…. it sounds interesting, but I didn’t need it really. I had just been to the salon the week before, and my hair only needed color, no trim needed because there weren’t any split ends. So, I left for family vacation the next day and left the new split end product at home.

And somehow while on vacation, split ends started popping up! I would be standing in line for a ride with my girls (we took our 5 and 1 year old daughters to Disney World), and I would notice split ends. And I would spend the next 20 minutes trying not to pick at it. I started using Fresh Cut the day I got home.

Fresh Cut is a white lotion that you put on your hair while it is wet, and you can add a little to your hair at the end of styling. While I’ve used split end products before, those left a film on my hair and I could feel. This product doesn’t feel any different from my other beloved smoothing products. It adds some body and shine, smooths frizzes and also binds the ends of the split end together. I swear to you, all of my split ends disappear with this product! My hair really does look freshly cut.

Since returning home from vacation I’ve been using this product on my split ends. I have to admit that I haven’t made a hair appointment yet for a trim, I’m stretching it out until my color needs to be redone again. Usually that isn’t something I can do once my hair starts to have split ends, but now? I’m ok with waiting a few more weeks!

You can buy Fresh Cut from Living Proof, Sephora or ULTA

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