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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Neutralizers and Color Correctors

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I’m a big fan of color correcting skin products (learn how to color correct in this post), and for years I’ve used a thick cream concealer for correcting from FACE Stockholm. However, since I’ve somehow managed to use those same pots of product for… about 4 or 5 years now, they’re probably a little gross. And using such a thick product underneath my eyes has started to result in caking and it is making me look older than I am. I am only 38. Come on! No creepies when they aren’t there yet!

So, recently YSL released new Touche Eclat Neutralizers. Everyone always rants and raves about the regular Touche Eclat, a light coverage concealer with light reflection that is apparently the secret to never looking tired. I haven’t figured out how to make myself never look tired with the regular Touche Eclat yet, but I admit that I splurged on their new color correctors.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Color Correctors Review and Swatch

There are three colors of correctors:
Green: Green is the best color to correct redness
Peach: Peach is your answer to blue/purple tinted under eye circles
Violet: Meant to correct “sallow” skin, it corrects yellow

I didn’t need the Violet tone (I feel like I’d be correcting my entire face with that one!) but I usually use a combination of a red and a blue corrector, so I bought both of the other ones.

Can I just tell you, I am in love with these pens and they are my new go-to color correction product? They have a paint brush tip, and you click the button on the end to let out product. I use just 1 click, that releases enough product for a very light layer under my eyes, around my nose and on trouble areas. The corrector is a concealer consistency, on the more liquid end of consistency. It has just enough color to correct the tones in my skin without tinting me a crazy color. I’ve found that I can just brush it on to the areas I want to cover, spread it and tap a little with my finger tip and that’s it. I cover it up with my foundation, BB Cream or concealer, whatever I’ve decided to wear that day.

With such a light consistency, the YSL color corrector really does just seem to cancel out the discolorations in my skin but isn’t heavy. It doesn’t cake, even if I have to use a few layers to cover up horrible under eye circles! I can apply it over a light layer of eye cream, put concealer and foundation or BB Cream over it, and the YSL still corrects the discoloration. I hadn’t realized how much weight my previous color corrector was adding to my eye area.

I only use the peach color about 1-2x/week, but with my rosacea I use the green corrector every day. I’ve already added another one to my Sephora cart for my next order, I need a back up!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Color Correctors are available at YSL or Sephora.

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