Everything you need to know about lipstick

Whether you are wearing lipstick, lipgloss, a lip stain or just a lip balm, I’ve compiled many of my favorite lip posts into one place.

I’m one of those people that needs to have something on my lips at all times, otherwise I look pale and washed out. (Cue all of the questions regarding if I “feel ok”.) Even if that is just a tinted lip balm that I carry in my pocket (this is my favorite, especially the new blackberry shade).

My Favorites

My biggest secret to great lipstick is a good lip scrub. I scrub my lips every few days, even if it is just a quick brush when I’m brushing my teeth. I sometimes break out my favorite lip scrub, especially during the winter. The goal is a light scrubbing, don’t go crazy and irritate your lips.

I have tried just about every lip balm out there, and my current favorite lip balm is this one. I keep it on my bedside table to use right before bed, but it’s also at work (since I take in hospital call 1 out of 4 nights), on my vanity, etc. My biggest issue with it is that my daughters also love it, and my 4 year old keeps stealing it!

I’m currently using this lip balm every morning. I put it on with my moisturizer and it sinks in and super hydrates my lips while I get ready. It is the perfect preparation for my lipstick later!

On my quiet days, I already mentioned that this is my favorite tinted lip balm. I mostly wear pink, but the new blackberry is also amazing. Don’t let the dark tint scare you, it truly works for every skin tone!

I have a huge collection of different lipstick formulations, and my favorites are typically ones that aren’t “classic lipstick” products. When I want a bit more color than the tinted lip balm offers, I look for a sheer lipstick. My favorites are from YSL (6, 8, 9. 49), Chanel (my favorite shades are Boy and Boheme) and L’Oreal (Burnished Blush and Varnished Rosewood).

When I want a more traditional, opaque lipstick look I turn to a long lasting option. My 2 favorites are both layered products, the first is from Chanel (Chic Rosewood, Light Rose and Shocking Pink) and Lipsense (I buy from Katie Enos, Beige Champagne, Kiss for a Cause and Razzberry are my go-to shades).

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