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Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Set Review and Swatches

Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Set Review and Swatches

I’ve heard a lot of love for Bite Beauty over the years. I admit that I tried their lippies a few years ago, but they arrived at my home in the middle of a ton of other stuff, and while I liked them, I also wasn’t in a lipstick mood that year. I think I ended up giving them away to a friend.

Fast forward a few years, and I hear about this brand all the time. All. The. Time. And guess what? I actually use actual lipstick now. Not every day (I still love tinted balm, lip stain and glosses), but I do wear it! When I spotted this set of 4 lipsticks over at Sephora, I knew it was time to try Bite Beauty again.

These lipsticks are very moisturizing, and the colors apply very smoothly. All four are pretty long lasting, about 3-4 hours or until a major meal. I can sip on coffee without an issue. Because this is a gift set, they picked pretty universally flattering lipsticks to include. They aren’t full sized, closer to 60% of a full sized lipstick. This makes them great for travel, trying out something new or just carrying around in my pocket all day.

After trying out this quad, I think I likely will try out a few more shades. I’ve been looking for a deeper magenta, and it looks like Sangria will be my next purchase.

Bite Beauty The Perfect Bite Set Review and Swatches

This set is an exclusive at Sephora

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