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Laid Brand Shady Girl Shampoo and Conditioner Review: Do Pheromones Make a Difference?

Laid Brand Shady Girl Shampoo and Conditioner review

Last week I had my hair cut and colored. As always, after paying that much money for hair color, I left the salon swearing that I’d do everything in my power to help my color last as long as possible and to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Which means that I immediately swapped out the shampoo and conditioner in my shower for this new duo from Laid Brand, Shady Girl.

First, this duo does everything that a good product for color treated hair should. It’s sulfate free and gentle, so it won’t strip the expensive color right out. They’ve gone the extra steps of adding some SPF to the shampoo (I’m forever hiding my hair from the sun all summer long!) and there are coconut oil, avocado, and olive oil to help hydrate your hair and keep it healthy.

The products are pretty concentrated, so a little does go quite a long way. They are pretty thick, and I’ve found that my ADHD tendencies mean I don’t have the patience to deal with their pumps and I just use the pump straws like dipping sticks to help me get the product out. (They do come out of the pumps, I just think they’re pretty thick and I am a highly impatient shower person.) I found that the shampoo has a great lather, especially when you take into account the lack of sulfates. The conditioner did a great job of making my hair feel amazing, I swear every time I rinse it out my hair just feels healthier. Both rinsed out really easily.

The real reason that I love both of these products is actually what happens outside of the shower. My hair has looked healthier and seems to be easier to style when I’m using these products! I actually tested this out by going back to my old stand-bys, Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I ended up throwing them away. Really. My hair is much more cooperative and shinier with the Laid Brand products, they’ll be the ones featured on my next “Everyday Favorites” post!

And finally, what about those pheromones?

I’ve had a discussion about this brand with a few friends and family members, and it always centers around Laid Brand’s niche, the little ingredient that sets it apart from other products. Those little chemicals that our noses smell and our brains interpret to help us feel a certain way or to be attracted to certain things. I heard a lot of skeptical remarks about whether they make a difference or could actually get you laid.

David L Hensley, Laid Brand CCO says, “The pheromones are really to make you more attractive to yourself. To make you feel more confident and feel empowerment. Having you feel your own energy and have that just radiating from you.” Which makes sense, right? You aren’t the skunk in Looney Tunes, Pepe le Pew had his scent to help him attract a woman. You really want to attract someone just by being yourself. “This confidence will help you attract a great person,” David says.

So, are the pheromones overwhelming? I don’t think so. I’ve been using the products for a while now, and to me they just smell like regular shampoo and conditioner. Note that there is Menthol as the carrier for the pheromone, so when I apply the conditioner there is a little tingly smell but it isn’t overwhelming at all. (And no, it isn’t like I’ve just used Vick’s VapoRub!) They smell pretty similar to me, though there is the menthol tingle and a little bit more minty-ness to the conditioner. Otherwise they are both floral/fruity perfume scents that are pretty subtle and I can’t smell either of them on my hair once I’ve rinsed them out.

Do I notice a difference with the pheromones? I do feel more confident in how I look. I can’t say “yes, this effect is from the pheromones” for sure. Because you know what? I think some of that confidence come from just having my hair look good. Which these products definitely help with. Good hair or pheromones? I’m not sure I care what made me feel good about myself on a given day!

– None in the shampoo, Yes in the conditioner though they’re in the middle of the ingredient list.

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