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Ask David: Will Coloring My Hair Affect it… Forever?


I am so scared to dye my hair and I was wondering if dying my hair a lighter or darker color (I am currently light brown) will change my texture and color FOREVER…. obviously it will change it immediately, but will it have long term effects?

First, nothing is forever, after you dye it new hair will grow.

You need to have healthy hair before you can have great color. I’m a big fan of depositing color. This will add more health, you’re adding molecules into the hair instead of stripping something from your hair. This can help to restore the hair’s natural strength.

Anytime you are bleaching, whether that is highlighting or all over color, you are stripping color from the hair. The result is that the natural integrity of the hair is jeopardized. Highlighting hair will definitely cause more damage than color because you’re stripping color from the hair rather than putting something in the hair with color depositing.

So, no long term effects. But color will always look best on healthy hair. Coloring your hair can damage it, especially if you are intending to go lighter. Consider going darker instead!

David L Hensley is the Chief Creative Officer, Head Stylist and basically hair guru for Laid Brand Hair Care, one of my newest obsessions. David has worked in both Los Angeles and Florida and works with both celebs and us normal people. He has a great understanding of hair and how to work with hair to create great looks!

David has agreed to help with a series of posts answering your hair care and styling questions. Please let me know if you have questions you’d love to see addressed!

Laid Brand Hair Care
David L Hensley

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  1. 10.27.13
    Anonymous said:

    David is awesome!! Love him and his creativity when doing my hair. I trust his advice when it comes to hair šŸ™‚