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It’s Possible: Get YOUR Best Hair with Living Proof

Product Sent for Review Sponsored Post I Bought It Myself

Your Best Hair with Living Proof

Recently, I was asked by Living Proof to try out their products for a few weeks, to see how my hair could be transformed! While I’ve used Living Proof in the past, somehow their products seem to be ones that I’ll use just while traveling or just for a treatment. I’ve never actually used only Living Proof, and certainly not for more than a few days at a time. I’m not sure why that is, I’ve always had great results and been impressed with their products (check out my review of the PhD 5 in 1 Styling Treatment for evidence).

Living Proof Hair Product Picker
To get started, I used the Living Proof product selector tool. It asks you a few key questions to pick your ultimate products that will give you #YourBestHair. For me, I have fine, straight hair that tends to be dry and flat (mostly because it weighs itself down there’s so much of it!), I don’t have much issues with frizz or split ends. I would love to fix both of those issues, and whether I want to work with my hair’s texture (and leave it straight) or against the texture (and go wavy, which is what I do most often).

The product selector tool recommended Living Proof’s PhD Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry Shampoo for me. This is pretty right on, I’ve used both of those products in the past, but only for travel. They contain OFPMA, which Living Proof says is their “healthy hair molecule”, which creates a shield around your hair to help repel dirt (so you can go longer in between washings), and promotes stronger, healthier and more manageable hair.

I’ve gone through about 3 travel sets of this exact shampoo/conditioner duo, and always have had great results. Travel is when my hair is at its most unruly, since it always seems to have a mind of its own when exposed to different (harder? softer?) water, humidity levels and just being out of my normal environment. If I can tame the craziness while traveling, using the products at home should be amazing!

The product selector tool also recommended using the Dry Shampoo. I have to confess that I’ve already been through a travel size and a full size can of this Dry Shampoo and haven’t featured it yet on the blog! It really is amazing. Rather than feeling like I’ve sprayed a bunch of powder in my hair, it really does help my hair to feel clean. It’s great for extending your time between shampoos, especially if you’re not a fan of dry shampoo.

Living Proof Night Cap Treatment
I asked the product selector tool to recommend treatments for me, and it only gave me one, the Perfect hair Day (PhD)
night cap overnight perfector. This is a hair treatment that you apply at night before bed, and then wash out in the morning. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like the ultimate in multi-tasking, doesn’t it? A few of my friends are obsessed with this product, so I can’t wait to see how well it works for my hair!

Best Living Proof Styling Products
Finally, I asked the product selector tool for help picking out styling products. I have 2 different looks that I like to do with my hair, which is very fine, there’s a lot of it, and it’s mostly straight. On days that I don’t have much time, I like to put in a few products to help maintain volume and prevent frizz. I then blow dry my hair and leave it be, pretty much straight. I’m also a big fan of my hair with big loose curls/waves.

So, I filled out the product selector two different ways. Once to help with volume and flexible hold. The second time I asked to help with waves and flexible hold.

To go straight, the product selector recommended Full Mousse, Flex Shaping Hair Spray and Prime Style Extender Spray. For going wavy it recommends that I use my beloved PhD 5 in 1 Styling Treatment, Amp Instant Texture Volumizer and Prime Style Extender Spray. I’ll add in the Flex Hair Spray as well.

Have you tried out Living Proof yet? I’m excited to see what the next 2 weeks bring! I’ll update and share my tips for both of the styles that I’ve mentioned!

Product Sent for Review Sponsored Post I Bought It Myself

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