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How to Curl Your Hair and Make It LAST!

how to keep your hair curled all night longRemember last week when I tried out the TRESemmé Live Styling? (which, again, I loved and am telling everyone to do it. Go to Walgreen’s now). I had a few minutes left at the end of my session, so I asked Joey how to curl hair and make it last all night when you are going out. He had some quick and easy directions! I tried it out a few days ago, and my hair really did stay curled, looking much nicer than usual for hours. These curls could definitely last all night! Here’s how to curl your hair to make it last all night!

Items I used:
• A brush
• TRESemmé Hair Spray
• Curling Iron: I used my Chi 1 1/4″ Curling Iron, and I did wish I had used a smaller iron at times, but really you’ll see that the actual size doesn’t matter so much
• Alligator clips to separate hair: I couldn’t find a pic showing what I have, mine are from Sally Beauty and have an angle partway down, this makes them better at holding a lot of hair
• Bobby Pins: The best ones ever are the MetaGrip ones from Sally Beauty. They hold everything and don’t fail!

I started with blow dried hair. I had applied a basic smoothing serum and a hair oil, but that was it. If your hair is particularly hard to curl, you might want to add mousse. Given enough mousse (think one or handfuls, about an egg size), anyone’s hair can hold a curl. If your hair isn’t, then you need more mousse! (Don’t believe me? Here’s more info on Hair Dresser on Fire)

I started on the bottom and worked in a few big sections. I don’t know why I started on the bottom, I should have started on top like usual. Strange. Anyways, I recommend working in smaller areas to make it a bit more manageable.

I used somewhat big sections of hair, think about 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2. You’ll want to spray with hair spray first and then brush through. Be sure to look down at your hair strangely and give yourself a double chin while you do it…

Next, curl! I clamped down on my hair about 1/2 down and then wound the hair around the outside of the iron. I curled hair away from my face, so that wouldn’t get in my face when I was done. Wait about 10 seconds.

I couldn’t take pics of this (I am but one person with a camera remote…), but once your hair is curled, you need to spray it again with hair spray and quickly brush through that hair spray. The spray gives you the hold, but brushing it makes your hair much softer and more touchable. Do this fast, you need your hair to still be hot when you are done brushing.

Once your hair is brushed again, you need to rewrap around your fingers and pin it. I wrap using 2 or 3 fingers, I vary it a little for some variety and a more organic look. I don’t wrap all the way up to my scalp, I go up to a little above where I started with the curling iron, and then pin it with 1 or 2 pins.

Keep going all the way around your head. Here’s my head when I’m done, you can see that they look a bit wonky because they aren’t pinned right up against my scalp. Wait about 10-15 minutes until you know your hair is cooled off completely. I just ran my fingers through my hair and snapped a pic, which means that yes, I’m wishing I was wearing a darker lippie (I think I just have some lip balm on here).

My curls stayed all night long, looking perfect the whole time!


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  1. 1.16.13
    Francesca said:

    I never thought of doing the hairspray both before and after and brushing through. This may be life changing. I will definitely have to try this over the weekend.

  2. 1.17.13

    Bookmarked!! Not sure I can do it myself but with your instructions, I'm willing to give it a try.

  3. 1.19.13

    This is a fabulous tutorial! I have naturally curly hair, but my daughter has straight/hard to curl hair (just like her father). I have been looking for information on how to get her hair to curl AND stay that way.

  4. 5.28.13
    Brigid A said:

    Your hair looks fabulous! I'm going to check out the alligator clips. With my super fine hair, metal clips tangle. Love your makeup and hair tutorials!

  5. 5.28.13

    Thanks Brigid! This time it was a tad crazy (I was curling it in my office, standing up randomly in the center of the room, no mirror… LOL