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Goody’s QuikStyle Brush: This Brush Will Change Your Morning Routine!

Goody QuikStyle BrushHave you seen this magical brush? I know it looks a bit silly with the blue stuff in there, but trust me, it really is what they use on Unicorns. Truly.

I heard about this brush from the people over at Goody (though my free one apparently got lost on its way to Michigan), and I knew I had to try it! And then… I couldn’t find one near me. I saw it one day and then *poof!* there were empty spots with tags instead of brushes all over town. They were sold out everywhere. I was pretty close to buying it on Amazon, but it was going for 2x the actual price (this baby should cost in the $12 range, not $25), so I held off. A few weeks ago I finally snagged one at a local big box store.

According to the Goody site, here’s what it does:

The Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush offers the same water-removing benefits of the QuikStyle Paddle Brush in a new styling shape. Super absorbent microfiber bristles interact with wet hair like a towel removing 30% of water, while the half-round shape makes it the perfect blow-out brush. Use it out of the shower to detangle, remove excess water, and style with or without a blowdryer. The convex half-round shape allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body as you blowdry. The Comfort-flex grip and slim profile offer ease and control during your styling routine. Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever!

That’s a lot of info!

What I’ve found is that the microfiber doesn’t really seem to work if you just brush wet hair. I found no difference, the brush barely felt wet.

The magic happens when you combine this with your blow dryer! I roughly dry my hair using my fingers, and when my hair is about 1/3 dry, I start to use the brush. I just use it like a regular drying brush.

The result is that my hair definitely dries faster, but the best part is how soft and straight it is. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been struggling with super damaged hair, which is my own fault. To not look like a brillo pad, I do need to something straighten the most damaged parts. But with this brush, my hair is already much better looking. To the point that it looks like it has already been flat ironed. I don’t need to straighten it at all, saving my damaged hair from that heat! And, saving myself quite a bit of time.

Because this seems to rely on the microfiber, you do need to keep the brush fairly clean. The effect just isn’t there if the microfiber is all pushed down because of hair!

I’ve also been using this brush at the end of styling my hair. It’s perfect for smoothing out my hair, especially after a last application of Argan Oil (I’ve been loving this DermOrganic Leave In Treatment). I light brushing spreads it out evenly, makes sure there aren’t any spots with too much product and it is definitely more shiny!


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  1. 1.9.13
    Christina said:

    Oooh I always thought this was a huge gimmick! Then again, I stopped blow drying my hair completely, except my bangs, which don't count since I cut them so often, so I guess it probably won't work so well for me. I have long damaged permed really really thick hair. I've given up. Coconut oil and sleeping on wet hair ftw right now.

  2. 1.9.13

    I have that brush as well (and I bought mine too!)and I tried it on wet hair and got annoyed. I haven't tried it as a styling tool…I will have to dig it out and see how it works!


  3. 1.9.13
    Christine Valle said:

    Thanks for sharing. I saw this at Target and was thinking what the heck? but if it cuts down on dry time I think I need one.

    Have a great day.

  4. 1.10.13
    ANDYSTYLE said:

    I need to tried 🙂

  5. 1.10.13
    soonermom said:

    Interesting! Do you feel like it gives you any more volume?

  6. 1.10.13

    I don't think it does, though I have so much hair that volume isn't an issue for me.

  7. 1.11.13

    I use mine like you do. I have to wait until my hair is partially dry and then it works wonders. I haven't tried it with some DermOrganic towards the end but I'll do that tomorrow now.

  8. 1.11.13
    Phyrra said:

    I keep trying to find this half-round brush but it is nowhere in stores! All I see is a flat paddle brush. Great review!

  9. 1.30.13

    I didn't like this brush much at all. I love the comb, but when I reviewed the brush I found it roughed up my hair like I was towel-drying too harshly and made it very fuzzy/frizzy. And I tried it multiple times to be sure. It gave a good tug to the hair without hurting for good straightening qualities, but my hair is already straight so that wasn't necessary for me. The QuikStyle comb is my favorite to date, though!